[This is a story of the rapture by biblical standards. If you dont know or understand (or have only read left behind and not Revelations) then I suggest getting some background knowledge before getting involved. I will be writing under "goku32"]

He brought a filthy sleave to his eyes to wipe away the rain. Each drop felt like a needle against his tired, gray skin. He looked up to reveal those empty gray eyes beneath his Green Barret hat.

His name was Travis. He stood about 6'1, tall for his age of 14. If you would see him, you would most likely generalize him as a bully or a delequint. You would also be far from the truth. Travis was a soft spoken, nonviolent teen. He was a good man at heart, but he had one flaw. If he couldnt see something with his own eyes, he wouldnt believe it. Thats what got him here.

For his whole childhood, he had had religion and faith preached at him by people who were so hypocritical, he came to think of Christianity as a way of making yourself look good and nothing else. "Jesus is commin' to take all this pain away" his mother would often times say. He even remembered a time when the car broke down in the middle of the desert saying "Where your Jesus now Mom?". He realized now how wrong he was to be so ignorant.

But the past is the past. He now lived in a chaos that was left when Jesus took his followers away. There was no one left on the Earth but the sinners, and he knew things would be changing fast. This world was currently Satans, and until God decided to take it back, he was going to suffer. But he wasnt about to let that happen. Travis begin the slow trudge to the local Lancaster Wesleyan Church.

As he walked down the street he became disgusted at humanity. Almost every house was under attack by looters and burglers in broad daylight. Many places along the way were on fire. He estimated that the families stoves had been on, since the rapture hit during the average dinner time. He looked to his left and saw a younger woman dressed in all black wearing an upside-down cross around her neck. "Finally the Time of Judgement is upon us all! And my god will end his campaign ungainst Jesus and his Father in victory!" she screamed crazily at passerby. "I dont think so..." Travis whispered under his breath, and continued his long walk.

He finally came out upon the church parking lot, which actually held a few cars. "Must be people seeking the same as me" he thought aloud. He strode forward boldly and opened the doors with a "BANG!". Before him stood 5 people who looked like they had hastily thrown on all their clothes. "This is an important church meeting, son, so please come back--" Travis raised a hand and got instant silence. He looked up and pulled his slightly long, soaking wet red hair out of his eyes. "I've come to find Jesus.

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