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Blade, Dec 14, 2006 19:18

Your wrath be heard...

Is this really appropriate to the text? What with The Mark already have been said to have existed on a hero's shield...not to mention the protagonist's back....and now it is on the evil doors of doom?Arrow Reply

Shinyumo, Dec 14, 2006 20:06

Re: Your wrath be heard...

What? That can so be taken at least five different ways. It's not necessary that the mark has anything to do with evil now. <_< >_>Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 14, 2006 21:16

Re: Re: Your wrath be heard...

I think he's right; so long as it is not a blatant contradiction, it isn't a violation. Someone could easily retcon a thousand different ways as to why what is who... unless you can find a specific reason.

Y'know, if you do have a problem, you should just report an error with the Report feature instead of leaving a comment on it.Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 14, 2006 21:17

Re: Re: Re: Your wrath be heard...

But then they wont understand?...and through understanding is knowledge..yada yada yada *star wars force stuff*Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 14, 2006 21:16

Re: Re: Your wrath be heard...

ahem...."Jalyur sema kitar, Nibrou lazive wir! Your wrath will be heard, Lord of Blood, Nibrou!" ...does Lord of Blood sound nice?Arrow Reply

Shinyumo, Dec 14, 2006 21:41

Re: Re: Re: Your wrath be heard...

Yes, I would love to meet this Lord of Blood and have a nice chat over some tea and scones. And maybe crepes. Crepes are nice...

...Anyway, what I mean is that there could be another reason the Mark is there. The two could've been inscribed at a different time or the Mark could be some sort of good seal keeping the darkness inside...

If it really bothers you that much, say the word and I'll go edit. This is like the third BW/RPeX/whatever-it's-called-now post I've made, so I'm kinda new at this. Sorry. ^_^;Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Dec 15, 2006 08:51

Good Call

That's actually a totally go opinion. I was just thinking the mark could have been the glyph of "god" or "mighty" or "great" or some junk like that. The holy seal of protection/seal/banishment covers all bases pretty well.

See, Blade, there always is a good out... if you're willing to dig around for a bit >_> <_<Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 16, 2006 01:20

Re: Good?

bleh...I've always favoured the anti-hero...but anyway this isnt my story, so what happens least it got a post o.OArrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 16, 2006 01:37

Anti-Heroes are cliche

'Sides, what's stopping him from being an anti-hero? Don't see why attaching him to an evil sealing seal would have any effect on that, one way or another.Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 17, 2006 02:35

Re: Anti-Heroes are cliche

hehe...SLAY THE DWARF...>.< not that it would screw the story or nothing......Arrow Reply

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