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darkneo92, Dec 9, 2006 23:59

This is Only Chapter 1

Yeah. Look at the Subject. I am currently making chapter two, and if anyone would like to help. Please do. However, this is my first time, so could anyone tell me how to let other people edit and unfinished part of a story?Arrow Reply

draggy1234, Dec 10, 2006 00:48

REWS Mechanics

I believe you're misunderstanding a little how this writing system works, so I'll try to explain and clarify to my knowledge. Basically, after one person makes a new story or adds to an existing one, a different writer is supposed to continue from there. This is how stories are supposed to be interactive. In this case, somebody else would have to continue writing from where your post left off, meaning you wouldn't be able to post chapter two like you probably planned.

Also, only you can edit your own posts, and the same goes with other authors and their respective posts. In addition, only the most recent post can be editted.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 10, 2006 01:06


I think you are considering the REWS to be some sort of Wiki-like interface. Well, it isn't. There are other interactive writing boards that use that method, but I think it is stupid to allow hard-thought out parts to be removed by other members.

Just additions; that's it. I'm going to guess that you are going to need to edit this story, too.Arrow Reply

darkneo92, Dec 10, 2006 16:50

Re: ~Wiki

err. I don't think I did. I don't really use wikis unless I'm to lazy to search in an encyclopedia. I don't edit wiki's either. I think I missed the collaborative part though, but I understand how the rpex works now. Thank you.Arrow Reply

darkneo92, Dec 10, 2006 16:38

Re: REWS Mechanics

ok. I think I Understand. So someone else would continue the story, from where I left off. It is like some sort of co-authored story-like thing? Yeah. I can deal with that.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 10, 2006 18:03


A story can have multiple authors; other authors have to be willing to add to the story, tho'. The way you have the story set up right now makes it seem as though you have a lot planned. Two things could happen from this:

1) Most regular authors would hold off, too afraid to ruin anything you have been working towards. This story is set up such that just about any addition would have to deal with the main, underlying story as there are no side plots or characters.

2) Irregular authors often come in and ruin everything with reckless abandon and quite anti-climacticly. They really like to ruin build-up and suspense as soon as humanly possible as though they are the only one in the world who understood that something was being hinted at.Arrow Reply

darkneo92, Dec 10, 2006 18:50

Re: Co-Authors

Oh. I see. I read a few sections of how other authors wrote their stories. I can understand how mine is different from theirs. Some of them just end it in the middle, because they can give a feeling to how the story should be written. I did have a lot a planned, but I was going to change everything anyway. SO, Anyone that has some knowledge of what a mandrake plant is, can modify this however they want.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 10, 2006 20:01


Well, being a mythology, everyone here should know what a Mandrake is. Problem is, there is no such thing as a single Mandrake. Case in point, the ruinous series known as Harry Potter has a good sense of screwing up traditional mythology (Basilisk is a giant snake? Derrrr...)

Mostly, tho', there ain't much cursin' involved with 'em. I mean: murderer, hanged, killing screech, aphrodisiac o_0

As for authors who "just end it in the middle", that is to increase the sense of collaboration. It does not necessarily mean they trust how future authors will write; it is more to create a launching point or to give the next writer a place to start. Back in the day, we used to even end additions with a notorious "..." but once stories started on this site, several writers would not realize they were supposed to finish the thought and, well, suckiness ensued.Arrow Reply

darkneo92, Dec 10, 2006 23:00

Re: Mandrake/Ending

Oh. I see. Maybe I could end it somewhere else, since it seems to give a complete thought...Arrow Reply

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