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Apr 6, 2006

There was once a village to the west of a mountain where a witch lived. The witch would cast spells to protect the village and the island it was on. Yes, she was a good witch, until the day of which a dragon was born.

That dragon was the Hellcross was known throughout the world because of its savage nature and its evil-binding call. The witch tried to stop the dragon from rampaging towards the island, but instead was cut by its poisonous tail, making her sick and frail so that she could not defend against the poison, and allowing it to take over her body and turn her purely evil.

But one awe inspiring day, a dragon-hunter managed to kill the witch and the Hellcross dragon, but now that the witch was dead, the island had no protector leaving it exposed to storms, cyclones and weather of all extremes...However soon after the dragon-hunter died the Hellcross dragon rose up from the dead, wanting revenge from the person who killed it thus giving it more power than it had before.

It went on a rampage again, but this time there was noone, not even a warrior, brave enough to stand up to the massive beast. The world was then detroyed because that dragon never found who it was looking for and is still searching for the dragon-hunter even through the new world that was created.

Human sivilisation was extinct, other dragons died from the Hellcross dragon's evil filled breath, and all creatures, elves, faeries, magical beings, and elementals were transported, before the old world was destroyed, by the Head Wizard who was also transported but luckily before the Hellcross dragon could find him.

They went to a different world, one where things were ever so different than the old world. They have now grown in population and are living peacefully among each other and though they all thought that humans and dragons were extinct one elf had managed to save 5 human babies and 7 dragon eggs so the two races still lived on.

"We must think of a plan to stop this Hellcross dragon!" announced the Head Wizard at the Parliamential meeting.

"Yes we must. We must do something, otherwise it will just keep destroying things in its path," agreed the blue faerie.

"But how? We do not have anyone in here strong enough to face the beast. Even if we worked together I still don't think we'll be able to take it on," argued the centaur. Then everyone started to argue and the meeting house shook with the loudness of everyones voices.

The Head Wizard started to get annoyed with this.

"SILENCE!" he yelled and the house went quiet. "If we are to defeat this dragon then we must target its weak points and attack at the right moment when it will have to sleep to regain its energy."

The faerie replied, "Yes Head Wizard. I must think that that will be the best answer to saving us and potentially, the universe. But how are we to take this? Should we follow the Hellcross dragon and wait for it to sleep or should we wait for it to come here?"

"Do not worry. I am deciding tonight so I shall notify everyone in the morning. End meeting!"

The next morning, like the Head Wizard said, he told all the creatures what he had planned."I beleive that we are going to search for the dragon and ambush it when it is sleeping. We shall start tomorrow by first choosing the best creatures to take on this beast. I have also found out its one weak point: the tip of its poisonous tail, it must be struck with the tip of a blade. But, if not done to the correct tail, seeing as there are four tails, then the dragon will most likely wake up and will call death upon us."

As planned the next day the best warriors were picked: centaurs, the light and holy elementals, magic bearing elves and wizards and witches, and many more creatures but leading the group behind the Head Wizard were the dragons that were related to the Hellcross dragon since they knew where the massive beast would most likely be.

That night the Head Wizard transported them all to the tattered and ruined world and the dragons lead the way toward the Hellcross dragon. They found it, luckily, already asleep on a giant log across a swamp. But this was no ordinary swamp, this was the Uladen Bog Swamp. If something fell into the swamp then it wouldn't be able to escape because of its sticky, quicksand like substance.

The Head Wizard saw that the four tails were tangled around its legs so they had to free them and decide what tail to stab. The Head Wizard had researched the Hellcross dragon and found that the weak tail had a scar on it from when the dragon-hunter had attempted to kill it. Well, to cut a very long story short, they didn't find the scar, but instead found a dent in the bones on one of the tails. Even though the dragon was actually dead but walking some of its flesh and skin had rotted away due to it being buried, which was why they could see the bones.

The Head Wizard got a centaur to stab the tip of the poisonous, dented tail. The dragon cried in pain and fell into the swamp, its wings flapped furiously in order to try to get its body free from the sticky goo but it unsucceeding sank and drowned into the swamp.

The Head Wizard reported the good news to the town the very next day, they held a massive celebration party to congratulate the group on defeating the Hellcross dragon. Everyone lived peacefully once again and the damaged world had recovered and has grown plants and trees into its landscape.

The Hellcross dragon was never seen after that and that swamp is now covered with leaf litter and mossy plants, putting a tight seal on the death place of the dragon, ensuring that it never comes back. or will it

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Apr 8, 2006

Edited on
Apr 24, 2006

1000 Years Later...

The two worlds, now linked permanently by a mystical conduit, are flourishing. With the final death of the Hellcross Dragon, the first world was able to gradually be purged of the evil and poison that had plagued it and is now restored to its previous glory with some exceptions. The mountains are all but gone, the tallest merely rubble compared to the past, the weather, once temperate and subject to only the rare storm, is now much more volatile and subject to large storms much more regularly. And in the Unagi Chai Jungle, a place once known as the Uladen Bog, there still lies one place where no plant will ever grow and no animal dare tread.

It is in this world, called Lacion, that the Human being called Rath dwells. The human race, restored from the five saved a mellenia ago, is heavily diluted. Being so few in numbers, the generations spawned from the last original humans had little choice but to marry outside their race in order to diversify the gene pool. It seems that humans are highly versatile creatures, able to mingle freely with most of the other races they coexist with, often even inheriting attributes of their mixed parentage, such as magical abilities or heightened senses, although at the expense of the unmatched longevity, physical strength, and cunning of the full Human race. But one family remained pure in the centuries that followed, the line of Kalanas, the line of which Rath and his two sisters now mark the end. Yet, in spite of this macabre overtone to his life, Rath is emblematic of the Humans- smart and pure-hearted, trained in the ways of the warrior, sworn to protect the world his ancestors once made great.

This is where we find Rath, on a mission for the Twin Councils in Oleana...

The great sea of Lacion threw itself again and again at the rocks surrounding the harbor, completely oblivious to the young man who had been watching it for the past three hours, unmoving. It had become his favorite past time since coming to Oleana. The entire region had recently been ravaged by a fierce tsunami and he was contributing, not only to the rebuilding, but also to the meetings being held by the Oleanic SubGovernment to decide a course of action to prevent future disasters. Rath didn't know which was more tiresome, the endless cleaning and building, or the endless arguing and political garbage. Either way, it was here only, with the soft crashing of the waves, the soothing smell of salty air, and the cool breeze off the water, that he could feel truly relaxed. He closed his eyes and again tried to clear his mind, temporarily, of the muck and mire that had accumulated throughout the day, dwelling instead on the ocean. Although it was commonly believed that the great sea composed nearly two-thirds of Lacion, no one knew for sure, as no one had ever made it completely across. With that thought, Rath allowed himself to drift back to his most common fantasy, that of captaining the first ship to make such a voyage. The thoughts of what may lie in wait for him on such a journey had inspired many of the stories which he told regularly at bars or to the children of the various villages he passed through on his work for the Councils. Indeed his reputation, not only as a Defender of the Peace, but as a master storyteller, was quickly growing. Perhaps too quickly.

A sudden noise, a snapping of a twig behind him, drew his thoughts painfully back to reality, and he turned to see who had interrupted his daydreaming. His eyes fell on Telas, one of the older boys in the port town capital of Oleana who had been working alongside Rath, and quickly earned his respect as a hard worker and smart kid.

"Sorry, Rath," the boy apologized quickly, "I didn't mean to disturb you. I was just sent by Councilor Lestram to tell you that Chancellor Regilus of the Council of Lacion was coming down here to hear the local council's ideas for the future of Oleana. He says the council is calling an emergency meeting to discuss finalization of these plans immediately."

I bet he is. Rath thought to himself. With too many egos getting in the way of productivity, the council had done little more than divide itself multiple ways. It really was ridiculous as none of the ideas, on their own, were any good, or even feasible, but no one was willing to compromise. Lestram's idea of "finalization" was much more likely a simple cover-up of the ineffectiveness of the past few weeks of debate by coming up with some quick BS to present to the Chancellor. "Thank you, Telas," he responded with a smile. "Why don't we head into town together and you can tell me about that idea you have for a ship for extended fishing voyages."

Twenty minutes later, the pair stepped into town, Telas still going on with his well thought out, but youthfully naive idea and Rath listening politely. "So with this suction-based propulsion method, the ship could use the very water around it to keep moving even when there isn't enough- HEY!"

Rath whipped his head around to see what had caught the kid's attention, and barely refrained from shouting himself. Pushing and shoving their way up the street was a group of large, tough-looking men. They were drinking and swearing as they moved, occasionally reaching out to smash something or swipe something from one of the pedestrians they knocking out of their way.

Disgusted, Rath pushed his young companion gently to the side and marched up to the leader of the pack. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded angrily.

"Never you mind," the lanky man sneered. "We're quite busy here so you'd best move out of our way."

"Whatever you're busy with, consider yourself finished early." Rath replied, unmoving. "You'd best leave now."

His adversary never retorted. He simply squinted at Rath for a moment, before throwing a fist squarely at Rath's jaw. Blocking the punch, Rath countered with a roundhouse kick. Almost instantly the entire street became a brawl, pedestrians joining in the fight against their looters. Rath took a second to scan the fray for Telas and found the youth holding his own against one of the smaller thugs. Rath shouted out to him to find somewhere safe, but boy was too wrapped up in the battle to listen and Rath didn't have time to secure his safety as another opponent attacked.

The toughs quickly realized Rath's superior fighting skills and began teaming up on him, as soon as they disposed of the less capable opposition. Now fighting five-against-one, Rath realized that it was a losing battle. "Who the hell are you guys?" he grunted as caught a glancing blow to the head after fending off three others.

"Who are we?" The leader grinned at the young man. Rath stared evenly back into his eyes, thinking the man probably had some centaur descent. Too bad he hadn't inherited the nobility of that race. "In short time," the ruffian continued, "everyone will know who we are. Not that that will help you any, as I doubt you'll still be around." Rath spit blood at the man's feet. "At any rate, who we are doesn't really matter to you, you can just call us the victors. And say goodbye to this city. I doubt if you'll ever see it again." The last things Rath saw before his world went black were Telas rushing futilely toward the group shouting some sort of warcry, and a bright red, almost glowing, mark on his attacker's neck- in the shape of a broken spiral

**** This story is still being written. You, too, can contribute to it by writing the next installment. ****

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