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MintMan, Jul 8, 2006 15:30

Let there be Write!

So I guess you're just gonna keep making stories until someone bites, huh? Well, mayhaps I should brutally head-trauma you into the world of IAS...

Right now, you have a set-up for a story and one character. That character doesn't have much direction as it was all taken from him in his betrayal. This is how you would set up an RP; you probably could already have lots planned out for him. So far as other authors are concerned, there is no reason to care about him or this story.

Where is the interesting plot? There is nothing for authors to really play with. World War III, good versus evil, and a guy left in about as open a situation as a blank slate. You are supposed to point 'em in a direction and let the other authors have at it, either drawing from the idea or completely second-guessing the original intent.

Lemme try and help out. I declare this story the new High Time, stomping ground for new authors (as there is no continuity to muddle or people to anger). I say it should go on for about ten to fifteen posts, about the printed length of a paper short story.Arrow Reply

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