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Posted by
Dec 15, 2004

Before sunset, the Band of Saviors set out to the docks. Many ships were stationed out there, a bound with cargo. The piers were packed with so many ships, it was hard to believe any would be able to set sail.

"Well, this sure should be easy," gleefully stated Articuno. Rook was less optimistic.

"I wouldn't count on that, 'Ticu," he grimly uttered. "Do you notice one thing these vessels lack?" Puzzled at first, his sister studied the boats another time. She noted the over bound cargo, the crowded decks, the eerie absence of a crew...


The doors to local tavern were burst open as the young pair entered with their pets. The tables were as crowded as the docks. For being so busy, the pub was not lively at all. No songs were sung by the great warriors. All was bleak. Half tended mugs sat before them as they slouched over their stools, waiting. The entry of day's early light did not catch their attention, not even meriting a turn of the head from curiosity. They just sat, their half opened eyes gazing into nothing.

"We seek a ship," boldly declared Rook. This was enough to get a reaction, almost too much of a reaction. The patrons burst forth in unaimed laughter, busting their ale filled bellies.

"Foolish child, you know not what you ask," grumbled one huddled mass, barely above the boisterous chortle, stationed near the entrance, out of the lights reach. A dark cloak hung over his body, revealing nothing of the figure. "What you ask for is death. The seas are plague at this time, wee ones. Not the bravest warrior dares to venture in the waves at this time." His course voice broke to partake in his mug. Quenching his sore throat, he croaked on. "From out the depths has stirred an abomination, the most loathsome being of the sea-"

"Jormungand?" immediately reacted the girl, her eyes filled with fear.

"Er... no. Not the Midgard Serpent, 'tis-"

"Leviathan!" rationalized Rook, shuttering at the thought of facing such a monstrosity.

"No, 'tis-"

"Rahav?" Interrupted Articuno once more.

"'Tis none of them," the enraged figured spouted, slamming his bandaged hands onto the table, jostling his drink. "'Tis the wicked fiend known as... the Kraken!" Pausing for dramatic effect, Rook and his sibling only shrugged the great reveal, not finding it too spectacular after their initial guesses. "What? Nothing? C'mon! That's a pretty big and evil monster! ... bah! You children have no respect. Why, I pray he learns you- hey!" FlopHop, escaping the eyes of the two, had wandered over to mess of rags, sniffing the dark cloak. Found of it, the rabbit consumed the garment in one slurp. Pulled away, the man was revealed as none such. Wrapped in swaddled bandages and tattered cloth, a vile, green deformation stood before them on wooden stilts. A familiar, vile, green deformation.

"Gods strike it all to hell," cursed the loathsome creation, "what are you doin' 'ere, FlopHop?" He tossed a grime covered talon at Rook and Articuno. "And what be your business with these filthy, ugly humans?" He darted an eye from beneath the frayed brim of his hat. With a smile, he considered revising his statement.

"Hey, we know you," Articuno remembered. "You were ate by the bunny!" Rook strained to keep his hand from striking his sister.

"Oh, so that's how you met these two," the goblin smirked, petting the one of his three familiars. "Ran into each other on that wild Ceryneian Hind chase, didya? Heh. Good to know my little ploy is working. Those two never let me have any fun." Fun, of course, he defined as ale.

"Yippee! We now have aid in our quest to save the world!" Articuno was bouncing with joy. Having no idea what she was referring to, Bimblesnaff attempted to join her in the merriment, only to receive the stiff arm of Rook.

"We're going to Isles," Rook mentioned, releasing the freak from his lock. "Do you really want to go all the way over there?"

"If that's where she's goin', then yes," the goblin thought but did not speak. His words were actually, "Sure. 'Thas been a while since I got me some real Scotch whiskey."

"Hooray!" The girl returned to her rejoice. "Who else is with us?" The bar, having temporarily died down in its roaring guffaw, had resurrected the noise with their throats properly wetted. Annoyed, her brother signaled her to act. Pulling forth the giant spear of Odin, she drove it into the floor's center, promptly quieting the tavern as all knew to whom it belonged.

OOC[Yeah, that's one of the things there, Rook. Tatz, if you noticed, burrowed. He is scheduled for a re-make that will change him from winged to subterranean. I was suppose to mention this in my last post. Actually, he's been scheduled for this for some time now, I'm just really, really slow. I just thought it'd be better to treat him like he should be. I mean, it could happen over winter break! ... no it couldn't...]

And you really don't need more characters, per se, just to develop the two more. But, well, there he is anyways. Now, see, that's an entrance.

... I really have to stop making these posts so long...

FMC: Kraken, Norwegian squid/crab monster.

Posted by
Dec 17, 2004

OOC[Well it has been described as Draconic...]

Like your sig.

BIC: After quieting everyone down, Rook demanded, "I need a ship. Now. If someone has one, name your price."

"We're going to sav--" Rook clasped his hand over her mouth. There was a long pause.

"WHO HAS A SHIP???" boomed Rook.

"B-but the Kraken!!" one of them stammered.

"Bah! The Kraken is childs play! Tell you what. One of you give me a ship, and I'll take out your sea 'monster'. And it Damn well be a seaworthy vessel!" ordered Rook. That got their attention. Almost all of them sttod up and offered them a vessel.

Then, they were on their way to fight the Kraken...

OOC[Why are we the only two posting?]

Posted by
Dec 19, 2004

OOC[Cause it sucks.]

Now, I mention time to time that one of RE's original purposes was to encourage creative writing. I mean, that's all the RE League is. Encouraging it also means encouraging good creative writing.

Warning! Critique ahead! Okay, you start out pretty strong. Your first mistake was including Gobbo. I know it has been said, but under no circumstance should you ever introduce another member's character into the story. Don't pull an Ice, man. It just ain't cool.

Next thing on the list is your habit of writing things that should be inferred. You do not need to say "Then they went out to fight the Kraken." Rather, you shouldn't say that. It is not interesting. If you made something worth reading happen in there, then go ahead and include it. Otherwise, you can just as easily describe them after the event occurred, actually doing something worth reading, and the reader -- who we shall assume is not an idiot -- can just assume "Oh, look, they went out to fight the Kraken." I mean, if you mention that is their goal beforehand, that is really enough to tell the audience that is what they did.

Not a lot is even happening in your posts. You are getting a paragraph off and padding the rest with OOC. I guess short would be okay if you could actually put some action in there, but you don't. You sort of drag on the current scene or pull it some place that they already said they were going to go in a previous post. C'mon, man! Maybe no one is adding 'cause it ain't grabbin' their fancies! Put something to grab 'em in, make 'em think, make 'em want to post!

Maybe it is just 'cause you want other people posting or because you are making all sorts of explainations... try to keep big OOC stuff in the Topic Topic.... unlike I just did Shifty Eyes

And just because the Tatzelwurm is a dragon (hence that part of its name) does not mean that it has wings, too. There are many dragons that do not.

BIC: A swarm of sailors rallied by the band of three poured from outside the small, dank tavern into an equally dismal outside. Their cheers were hushed by the approaching storm roaring in the distance. Each strike of thunder chipped away at their spirits until they stared dead into the chaotic horizon.

It was an omen. The Kraken stirred.

The leader at the front of the ranks did not see this unfortunate display of courage at first. Rook looked back to each side at his fickle troops.

"Well," he commanded. "Who here is going to help me?" None replied. None even looked his way. In a tavern, many things seem like a good idea. Only outside do they show themselves for what they are.

"Suicide," answered one brave boater, albeit not brave enough to take on the unstoppable squid. "'Twould be suicide to fight that beast." The shameful lot filed back into the bar to drown away this new disappointment with the others they tried desperately to forget.

The goblin cast an especial cruel eye as they passed him by. "Perfect," it muttered. "We not only need a hero. We need someone who isn't afraid of death."

A chilling rattle filled the air, as cold as the winds that carried it. Their eyes went to the docks, focusing on the one manned ship there. It was a small vessel, but enough to carry them. As Rook took some steps closer, and what phantoms he believed tricks of the mist indeed revealed themselves a reality. A skull was set on the bough of the ship, and all other sorts of bones adorned the rest. A drab, gaunt man dressed in what Rook could only tell to be dogskin shroud waited, clasping a large, knotted oar. Empty eyes raised to them.

"This mister is scary," Ticu cried to her brother, wrinkling his vestment with her squeezing grasp. "Can't we just swim like I said?"

"Swim?" a very raspy chuckle lit up. "Child, you know not of Annwn. Even if you were strong enough to live the journey, you would have no way to enter their land." He went on to explain "The gateway to the Fairyland is on the Isles. Where it is... another realm entirely."

Rook sent a suspicious eye to the gently swaying boatman. "How do you know our destination?"

Again, he chuckled. "I know where every one goes," he man croaked, "eventually..."

The swordsman stood for a while, considering the ship. "You can really take us to Annwn?"

"Child, this vessel has been places you cannot even imagine."

"I guess we really do not have a choice," gave in Rook. He motioned for the rest to enter when stopped by the boatman's oar, raised to block the group. Before he could speak up on it, Rook saw the wrinkled, outstretched palm begging. Tired of waiting, Rook threw down a purse of coins he had carried. The ancient openned the pouch, quickly counted the party, and withdrew only a few coins, sending the rest back.

"Flat rate," said he, spiriting the few pieces he took away into his cloak. "I make no exceptions." The oar finally came down, replaced with a sweeping gesture for the band to enter.

The small craft rocked on the choppy waters. The entire crew looked awkward, familiars and all, wedged inside. The boatman stood at the front, lazily moving about his oar. The slow progress gave the rest much idle time, especially for a travel as long as the one to the Isles. Ticu played with her new, yellow friend, and Bimblesnaff just lashed out at whatever shapes made their way to the surface. Rook just thought.

"Hey," finally spoke up Rook. "I have a question for you." A grunt is all the boatman would give in response. "Why did they send you to help us? Couldn't they just do this all themselves, Charon?"

"So," chuckled once more the hellish boatman, "you are not as dumb as you look." Sliding his gaze back, he saw Rook lifting two stone bricks with an angry snake crushed in between. He promptly turned back, realizing that he spoke too soon.

"Mmmm, samachy," he could hear before a sound that was quite obviously the repeated entry of fangs into flesh.

"At any rate," Charon went on, "'they' have to keep their hands clean of this sort of thing."

"What kinds of things?" asked Ticu, taking up a sudden interest in her brother's conversation.

The ferryman waited a few, slow strokes to reply. "The affairs of mortals."

"Mortals? The Well of Fate?" Rook stated, astounded. "It is the Norn's well that keeps the great yew alive!" he exclaimed. "The entire universe rests on the terrible one's steed; if Yggdrasil were to die, what of the gods then?"

"The gods have lived for a long time, child," demeened Charon, never breaking stride during his argument. "Long before the limbs of the World Tree were fashioned. If it were to fall, they could adapt." He turned back to face his passengers with half of a dark, ominous look. "Could you?"

Rook sat quietly for another long moment, thinking about this answer. It took him quite some time to come up with more questions for the grim navigator.

"So why did they send you to help us?"

Again, he laughed his chilling laugh. "I was sent by no one," Charon cracked through his dying chuckles. "I am rather indifferent to your deaths; just the boat was sent to aid you. It will allow you to enter Annwn, and that is as far as I can take you."

"Couldn't they just fly us there on a pretty, fly-y chariot?" Ticu mentioned, dreamily looking at her little dew drop.

"The gods are busy, child," told the boatman, "more concerned with having the world run than saving it, but more importantly, the gods are selfish. Many a soul I have known in my long career, and I can tell you true. The most capable powerful, the most capable of people are the most likely to squander their talents. This is true of men; why should the gods be any different?"

"I'd say so," Ticu told. "All they gave us was a stinky ol' boaty guy." Charon let out a quiet growl and threw something quickly at the young girl.

"Ticu!" Rook screamed, stumbling to the aid of his sister. He looked for her but saw nothing. "What did you do to her?"

"Trying to get her to shut up," mumbled the ferryman.

"Rook," a voice cried, coming from a suddenly appearing Ticu, prying a strange article from her head. "What just happened? You had me scared. You... you... you acted like-"

"You weren't there," finished Charon, "because you were not, as far as anyone could tell. The cap of darkness," he stated, shrugging backwards in an attempt to indicate the small, crafted, fur helm, "on loan from the boss himself. Not even the gods can see its wearer."

"Nice," blurted a calming Rook, who went to resume his seat. "Do you have any other surprises for us?" Already anticipating the question, a small vial was held forth, adorned just as gruesomely as the vessel they sailed.

"Waters from the River Styx," Charon explained, "the river of hatred -- icy even to a shadow's touch."

"I'll take that!" spoke up the goblin who retreived the bottle before any others had a chance. "This will be great if we ever have to fight something really nasty," it went on, greedily licking its fangs with its tongue. Then, a seeming of shock took over the anticipant expression. "Hey, weren't we supposed to fight something out here?"

None of them saw yet, but the waters surrounding bubbled below. It was rising...

Posted by
Dec 22, 2004

OOC[Yeah, that was real stupid of me. Thanks for the pointers, tho'!]

BIC: It was none other than.... a dolphin. Before anyone could even blink, it was yanked under by a monstrous tentacle. "Uhhh... got any more tricks up your sleeve, Charon?" stammered Rook.

"Well I do have this--" he started, but he was grabbed by yet another tentacle and was dragged off the ship. Rook ran like he never had before, and reached over the deck and managed to grab Charons hand. He whipped out his sword and left a great wound in the beast's appendage. It released it's prey and pulled back into the sea. "Thanks," said Charon, "Here, thake this," he said pulling out the hilt of a blade from behind him, followed by a wooden stump.

"That's-- that's--!" stuttered Rook, recognizing the blade immediately.

"Balmung. The mighty blade that Odin thrust into the Branstock tree. It's yours, if you can pull it out," finished Charon.

Rook grabbed the hilt and set the stump on the deck. He put his foot on the stump, and wrapped his hands around the hilt, and pulled with all his might. Slowly, the sword inched its way out of it's wooden prison. Then, finally, the magic blade slid out, and Rook held it high above his head. It glowed like a great beacon. But before Rook had a chance to Celebrate, The Kracken, in all of its terrible size, rose from the water. Rook and the others looked in awe. It's shere size took up almost their entire field of vision. "The Kracken!" the screamed. It reached one of its slimy thentacles towards Articuno. "Oh no you don't!" shouted Rook. He charged in and swung his sword. The Kracken pulled back its tentacle and sent Rook flying overboard. Articuno threw Gungnir at the monstrosity, while Bimblesnaff threw just about everything else, including some stale buiscuits from his pocket. By the time Rook got back on board, the monster had several wounds, including a hole through its forehead. The beast turned its gaze to him and reached out a tentacle, almost too fast for the eye to see. Rook jumped onto it and ran down it towards to the beast's head. He lept into the air and swung Balmung with all his might, splitting the giant mollusk in two. The Kracken's organs and bodily fluids oozed out. Articuno went pale and fell over onto the deck. Nothing stirred in the water. All that could be seen was a shadow sinking.

"Don't worry, I'ma comin'!" He dove into the water and swam down. A few moments later he re-emerged, gasping for breath, dragging an unconcious Rook. He lifted him onto the boat, and lucky for him, Rook hacked up some water and woke up.

"Uhg... What happened?" he asked.

"You slayed the Kracken with one swing! The shere might of the sword must have overwhelmed you, and you passed out."

"Well thet explains the water," he said coughing up some more water, along with a small fish, which was tossed overboard. "Thanks."

"Call it even."

"What about the magic items?"

"Just doin' what they told me."

Then, Ticu shot up screaming, "ROOK!!!" Rook and charon chuckled.

Finally, they arrived at Annwn. "Are you sure you're not coming with us? You've been a great help," begged Ticu.

"I'm sure. I'm not a good fighter." he replied.

"Got anything else for us?" asked Bimblesnaff.

"I've got supplies for you," there was a groan from the Ghobling. He then gave them some food, a compass, and some other necessary items for an explorer. They said their goodbyes, and Charon sailed off over the horizon...

Posted by
Dec 24, 2004

"So... here we are... at the shores of Annwn," Rook obviously stated. Scratching his head, he put forth, "Shouldn't this trek have taken a little bit longer? I mean, it's some distance away, and Charon wasn't exactly paddling fast..."

"I'm still wondering how we got here," the goblin uttered. "I thought Annwn was some other world. We just... rowed into it?"

"Well, yeah," explained Articuno, "that's why Charon's boat was sent to us. It carried us through to the world... apparently." They wondered how the little girl knew such things. She held up Gungnir in explanation.

"Oh, right," her brother realized aloud, "spear divination and what for," while Bimblesnaff awarded the answer to being the metal's shiny nature, which, luckily to him, was not heard. "Wait, wasn't that thing stuck in the Kraken? How'd you get it back?"

"The same way Odin gets it back when deciding which side of the battle field shall emerge victorious," she smugly yet enigmatically responded.

"Ya made a couple of pansy elves retrieve it?" the Ghobling guessed, although known to be a false answer, he just hoped some elves were being mistreated. "Whilst on the subject of legendary armament, why did the Greek boatman have a blade of an Aesir?"

"And wasn't it broken by Odin?" added 'Ticu. "And then remade and renamed Gram? ... and only able to be pulled from the tree by a Volsung? ... of who's lineage has ended?"

"Oh, that's only what stupid people think," Rook dismissed, "or the very educated. The sword was broken by Odin a second time, you see. The anvil that Gram was tested against had its five pieces re-forged by the same dwarf who forged the blade, Regin. Then, the edge was re-tested only to fail and break into five pieces again, only to be re-forged and re-named. Of course, Odin isn't too much for naming things, so instead of a new name, he just used the old name." His sister and companion stared blankly at him. "Oh, and then a tree snagged Odin's cloak and he got mad at it..." He began to trail off.

"That... doesn't make any sense," declared the vile one. "Especially how an entire stump was kept well hidden within an old man's robes.

"Yeah, and neither did that last post."

"a-WWWwwwwhhhhaaaa?" his fellow "saviors" simultaneously spoke as they followed the guide of Rook's pointing hand to sea which led their eyes to a wooden pillar stick out from the waves. Queerly marked in winding strips, the column was topped with a large sign and a squawking chough: "Welcome to Annwn! Walk on in... apparently."

"Geeeeigh! Geeeeeigh!" the dismal bird crowed as it laid leavings on the already filth covered posting.

"Speaking of the confrontation with the great sea beast," continued Rook, "where was your help?" A violently shaking finger was thrust at Koumori, Diamond, and FlopHop.

"That coward hid from the fight," stated Bimblesnaff, although he had no grounds to speak with his less than active involvement of tossed pocket contents. He finished his sentence after recovering from the shock that his vestment in fact had pockets. "The wee ones stayed huddled in a corner on Charon's boat, wettin' the deck."

"... among other things," Rook added upon hearing some cursing coming from the now deeply fogged shore. "Er... we should be going," suggested Rook, "now."

** There is still more to this story. Continue to the next page. **

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