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Dec 12, 2004

[This story was originally written in the forums, where the original copy can still be found.]

[Alright, this one's for my little sister (Articuno). It's a BD story that involved a hellovalot of Norse mythology.]

Articuno lay in bed, asleep, tossing and turning. She had been having nightmares of the world dying for the past three days. Unbeknownst to her, she was destined to save it. All of a sudden Odin, chief Norse god visited her in her dreams. "Articuno," he called.

"Who is there?" she asked.

"I am Odin. I need your help."

"Why would you need a mere human's help?" she aked

"The waters of Urdarbrunn, the Well of Fate, are losing their magic. Many eons ago, we thought that this might happen, so we asked the most powerful spell caster ever in being to make three magical crystals to revive the worlds magic. But that dirty scoundrel made them so that only he and his decendents could handle them. There is only one decendent in every three generations, and--"

"I am that descendent," she interrupted.

"Yes. The crystals are located in three temples on opposite ends of the Earth, and must be taken to their focal point on Olympus," he directed.

"Why aren't they already there?" she asked.

"If they were in one spot together for too long, the amount of energy would destroy the world."


"This will be a long and perilous quest. Will you embark upon it?" he asked

"Yes. I will." and with that, Odin vanished...

When she woke up, everyone was downstairs eating breakfast. "Mom! Dad! Bro'! You won't believe what happened!!!" she shouted. She explained it to them, but much to ger dismay, no one would believe her.

"Har-dee-har har, squirt. Quit yammering and eat yer breakfast," muttered Rook.

"But it's true!" she whined, "If no one believes me then fine! I'll go out on my own!"

"Aw no ya don't. You woulden't last ten minutes out there with your little cream puff there. No offense Diamond." the Hrimfaxi dewdrop shot him a look. Their parents backed him up.

C'mon odin, help me out! the thought. And with that, the magical spear, Gungnir, crashed through the roof and stuck into the ground by her side. Of course she probably jumped nine feet away when that happened.

"Okay. NOW you have my attention," said Rook in disbelief. "Where are those temples again? 'Cause you've got yourself a partner!" They gathered their weapons, Rook with his long sword, and Articuno with Gungnir. They grabbed some supplies and said their goodbyes. And as they left, their mother was in tears with their father comforting her. Roook whisled his familiar over and they embarked on their quest...

Posted by
Dec 12, 2004

"So, in each of the ends of the earth?" Rook questioned. "Well, since there are only three temples and four corners to the world, I guess that means one won't be here in the North." He scratched the back of his neck. "I... I'd guess." A sudden realization came to the boy. "Wait, how are we suppose to get to the far corners of the world on foot?" His sister smiled.

"Simple," she answered, "by the power of Gungnir! Diamond," she called out to her Dew Drop, waving the mighty god spear, "be brought your celestial chariot! Carry us to ends of the earth!"


"Okay, you can barely wield that thing," Rook stated once his hand finished sliding down his face in embarrassment, "so what makes you think you could summon up some sort of power it shouldn't possess in the first place." Articuno winced a little. Diamond sat staring at its reflection in the shining spear head with its innocent eyes.

"Well, it was worth a try." Rook could still not believe that his sister was destined over him.

"Just where should be heading?" he asked, rubbing his temples. "It'll probably take us a while on foot. Last I heard, the world was rather large." His sister did not hear his words, however, as she, too, became mesmerized by the images in the spear's head. It was not her own reflection that she saw.

"The Isles," Articuno blankly spoke, in a voice that did not seem her own. "We head to the Isles." The images on the divine metal became more clear, showing a dense fog parting to ominous gates. "We head to Annwn, the land of Faeries." The spear began to pull itself from her grasp. Levitating, it aimed itself West.

"Well," Rook shrugged, "I guess its pretty hard to argue with that." Waving to his familiar, they changed their course, heading to the land of the Celts.

OOC[hopefully i'm not screwing it up'd!]

For the Mythologically Challenged (FMC) : Annwn is the Celtic Fairyland, located in Britian. Fairies live there. Not the "i'ma tiny little girl with pixie dust and butterfly wings", but the real kind of faeries. It prolly won't come up for a while, but Google it if you want to know more, as you should do with Norse stuff, I'd guess.

Posted by
Dec 12, 2004

OOC[No, that's real good!]

BIC: "Uhhh... last I checked, Isles are amidst the ocean! How the heck are we supposed to get there???" grumbled Rook. Then there was an insane cackle which seemed to come from everywhere.

"I think I can help you there..." offered the voice. Then a green figure lept out of the nearby trees with what Rook recognized as a Tatzelwurm Guarian, a Kaimatchi Weasel, and a Miraj bunny. "Mystical adventure? Cool magicky spear? I don't know what you're up to, but count me in! There's bound to be something in it for me. I'll ferry you, for a price....

Posted by
Dec 12, 2004

"So just how old are you, sweet cakes?" the disgusting fiend hissed with a wild lick of his dark tongue.

"By the gods, what is your problem?" Rook was practically tearing his hair out with anger. "First of all, ew!" After calming down his stomach, continued. "Second, what are you doing just walking through the woods, popping out at random people?"

"Yes," agreed the lunatic, "but I could- YAH!" The fuzzy orange companion of freak began to gnaw his leg.

"Git 'em! Git 'em good," the towering Claw Wurm ordered, smashing down his master with a three pointed paw. The horned bunny pushed both aside with a spiraled horn, swallowing the thing they chased whole in a seemingly impossible feat. Rook and Articuno were left stammering at the sight.

"I swear," the sickle armed weaseled huffed, "you'd think 'Snaff would learn not to mess around with Dopplegangers... after twenty times..." She lowered her head and shamefully added, "When drunk."

"I know," snarled the great wyrm. "That one was the hardest to catch yet." The lumbering serpent turned its gaze at the siblings. "Ah! Ah! People!" he screamed, "And they're as ugly as we've been told!"

"If not worse," added the Kamaitachi, shielding her eyes with her blades. FlopHop, meanwhile, bounced on over to the now terrified Articuno, smelling her petrified hand.

"If you so much as touch her," Rook threatened through clenched teeth, "so help me, I swear I'll-" His words faded as the bunny merely began to affectionately rub the girl with her nose. "... Oh."

"Curses, Flop," whined Schrecken, "we dun have time for this! There's still a few more left." He paused to rub his belly. "An' I'm full."

"'Tis worse than you think," direly warned Kaze Musha. "I forgot to lock the liquor cabinet."

"Dear Ghob, there's no time to waste!" With a flick of his tail, the Tatzelwurm dove into the earth, vanishing as quickly as it had come. Kaze Musha did not even attempt to fix the situation. The giant hybrid could reach the subterranean kingdom they knew as home much faster than she could, despite her speed over land.

Turning a twitching eye to the two humans, she snapped, "What are you lookin' at?"

"Um... nothing," Rook slowly responded. "We're just-"

"We're gonna save the world," his sister gleefully interjected, causing Rook to smack his own face at his sister's willingness to divulge facts.

"Save the world," the weasel laughed in its hyper voice. "That went out with the Age of Heroes. I'll stick to chasing down my master's horribly twisted abominable clones, thank you."

"Ooh, so that's what that was," Rook came into realization. "So that's why it was so messed up in the head."

"... Yeah," agreed Kaze, thankful that her lack of pupils did not reveal her eyes sliding to the side. "So you suckers are trying to get across the ocean, 'twould seem?"

"Yes," Articuno answered. "We need to get to the Isles."

"Well, I think I remember their being a port not too much further down this path." The weasel scratched her head with a wicked blade. "At least I think. Let me check." In a loud boom, only swirling dust was in place of where the Kamaitachi had been. Before it could even settle, the weasel had returned, skidding to a halt, dragging her blades in the ground. "Yeah, should be but a days travel, methinks. At least, for you poor hairlesses it will be. You Northerners are pretty handy at ship building. Someone should be able to get you there, 'specially with that thing at your side." The weasel pointed to Gungnir, which anyone could tell was authentic from its radiating presence. "I'm surprised you need a foreigner to tell you this stuff."

"I thought saving the world wasn't you business?" Rook smugly asked. The rodent shrugged.

"It's not," she slyly replied. "I leave that for suckers like you. C'mon, Floppy, time to go- wait a minute. You didn't eat that herd of cattle we passed up on the way here, did you?" The rabbit gave an innocent look of its large eyes while shaking its head but coughed up a bull's horn. "Oh, there is no way I'm going to lug around all that weight back to Ghob. You can just huff it there." With a quivering lip, the Al'Mi-raj buried her face in Articuno's leg, wiping way her tears. "What? Fine, I don't care. I have some Dopplegangers to cleave." A mighty gale tore across the landscape, leaving only the two humans and the bunny.

OOC[Kinda odd that you added my character. I was going to try to set a whole standard of "not throwing in yourself for no real reason" deal, but oh well.]

... man, this turned out longer than expected... so much for short posting.

Idiot Proofing: I'm making the assumption that none of these characters have met before. So, like, dun no one go and say, "Rook's good pal from the Search" or nothing.

Posted by
Dec 15, 2004

OOC[I need the extra characters! A doof like me and his little sister won't last two seconds! Your character and your tatz (flier) would be very helpful. That's why I added you. Oh well...]

BIC: They decided to head in the way the weasel pointed. They passed fields of cattle bones, and at dusk they found an Inn and slept. The next day they would visit the docks and get a boat. Rook and Koumori slept with one eye open that night keeping an eye on the man-eating rabbit, Al'Mirage, who was snuggled in with Articuno and Diamond.

OOC[If anyone's wondering why my sister isn't posting, it's because ]

1. she's not making any plot developments

2. she tried to post after a reserve, and I deleted it on her account (on her compy, she was logged in and I grabbed the mouse) since then she hasn't wanted to post 'cause she's mad. I'll try to get her to, tho'. After all, it is her character...

** There is still more to this story. Continue to the next page. **

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