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Jun 23, 2006

Edited on
Aug 25, 2006

My hands jolted before me as my body was hurled to the ground. My face was covered, so no dirt would bring injury. I knew it was nothing, I knew the next event. But nonetheless, I still did it. It was an immediate reaction.

I felt the atmosphere around my body change in speed. I recoiled my arms to see the clouds of the sky surrounding me. I sighed. This was getting no better. The other children would hurl me when I entered the marketplace, wanting me to taste the texture of dirt on my snake-tongue. But, I would always end up in the sky, my dragon wings beating furiously.

It was not like I wanted this to continue, it was an instinct for my wings to unfold when in the air. I could not control it. Lady Eva might always say that one day, all will praise the help and power of my magics, but for now, I do not believe those words.

My name is Kokoroyo. My father and mother were wiped out of my village long ago when I was an infant.

My father was a dragon named Motric. He could kill the universe in one breath if he desired, but he was a kind, gentle man. The idea of killing was native to his thoughts. He was long ago given the gift of looking like a human, so none would know of his identity and kill him on the spot.

My mother was a fairy named Fayette. She new of some magic, giving her a taste of witchcraft. She was kind and gentle, much like my father. She would have tea better than fight.

Neither my mother nor my father had ever a desire to kill. But the fellow people thought different. They would not believe the words of my parents, nor their friends, but only the words of their eyes. They accused the both of them of using the darkness; My father for killing half the residents and my mother for using her magic in the black arts.

My mother was burnt at the stake. My father tried all he could to try and help her, but he was being held back by the many men the held the village. Her ashes were scattered around the grounds of the house of which I reside in today.

My father's magic wore off as he morphed from human to his dragon form. He went on a rampage, destroying all the huts of the people, almost killing the lives of pure souls. but the warriors killed him, stabbing him with their swords. His body rests beneath the grounds of my home.

Thus, I am a hybrid. Funny actually. Only a few drops of dragon blood in a human fairy's form and they label you as a hybrid. A mix of tainted blood. Then they call you a hybrid. I am raised by the care-takers that once lived with my parents. They are caring folk who have told me stories of my parents and helped me control some of my abilities of being the daughter of dragon and a human fairy.

I began to descend from the sky. It was extraordinary, really, whenever I was flying. I would always get this feeling of warmth from within myself when I was up there, cloudy or clear, raining or snowing, stars or hail, I would just want to fly up there. I just loved it.

My Blue eyes were cursed with the sights of the boy who threw me. His name was David and he had the strength of a giant, because his father's grandfather was one himself. I stopped myself meters above the ground, just out of his reach. "Why do you tease and hurt me so, David?" I called to him.

"Because, you do not deserve to walk our ground like one of us, but the Gods allow you to. They are merciful, unlike us. We are here to make your life a duplicate of the underworld. You deserve to be buried with your murderer parents!" He yelled at me.

I bit my lips until the salty taste of blood coated my tongue. I held back tears. It always hurt to hear such talk of my parents. I have learned to hold in emotions, to create a fortress around myself, but when it came to that one topic of conversation, the walls would crumble and I with them.

I turned my head as the tears streamed down my cheeks. My lips were split now. No matter how hard I tried or how much I injured my lips, a few tears would always evolve. My brunette hair brushed across my face in the wind, feeling like a feather to a newborn.

I turned as my wings began to beat again. My tears trailed behind me, colliding with blood from my lips. The village distanced further and further away until I was surrounded by a forest. I would come home with no groceries tonight, once more

**** This story is still being written. You, too, can contribute to it by writing the next installment. ****

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