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Board Writing :: Rules

Board Writing was designed to be an enjoyable environment to write interactive stories and -- to a lesser extent -- RPs for all members of Reality's End. To ensure this, there are some basic rules to be followed.

  1. Everything posted in a BW story must be part of the story. Comment on the story or ideas in the discussion board.
  2. All members are allowed to add their own ideas to interactive stories, so do not get mad when they do.
  3. No fanfics allowed unless it is a fan fiction about something at Reality's End.

Those three are really it. The rest of this page is a wash. Was that too hard for you? Need further clarification? I shall go into detail then, plus add some other frivolous things.

  • Everything in a BW story must be part of a story. This is strictly a writing board; the site already has a forum for back-and-forth communication and designated comment boards for each story. I have actually had problems with this in the past.

  • All members are allowed to add their ideas to interactive stories. Anything can happen as a story develops, so don't have any expectations.

    If you are one of those whiny types that doesn't want other people writing for your ideas, make a single author story instead of an interactive one.

  • No fanatic fictions are allowed. Sorry, but you cannot write stories that involve copyrighted properties (that is, fanfics) that do not belong to the author or are used on Reality's End.

  • You cannot start a new storyline within an existing story. If you add to a story, make sure it has something to do with it. There is a common problem in which authors add to a story with something that has no or little relation to that story. Perhaps the time or the setting will be the same, but the characters and plot are entirely different. If you want to make a new story, don't add to an old one. It should be obvious that you should make a new story.

    Now, this rule isn't to say that you cannot add a new sub-plot or a new direction to the story. Often times, there are simply authors who see a popular story and try to leech off of that popularity by putting their own, entirely separate storyline into it concurrently.

  • All OOC (Out of Character) text, commentary, or asides should be left for the comments section. This is all about stories.

Authors may violate the spirit of the BW in a number of ways, and it will be up to you, the loyal reader, to report these errors so that they may be corrected or removed outright.

Enough with the don'ts; onto the dos. These are not rules in any way. They are simply a list of things that you should expect from Board Writing.

  • Writing Intense - Board Writing is not about winning; it is not a game. It is about making interesting stories with a heavy focus on good writing. Of course, "good writing" really means "not bad writing." Usually, if you use capital letters, you write good enough for us.

  • Bunnying - Controlling characters that another author introduced (also known as "bunnying") is allowed in BW. Trying to make a story interesting from one character's perspective at a time is simply impossible. Most of the time, characters are made just for the story in which they appear; otherwise, it is assumed that the BW authors will treat your characters respectfully. If not, you can always just splinter away their addition and ignore it.

  • Multiple Characters - There is no limit to the number of characters you can add to one story or to all of the stories in Board Writing. Characters may be limited to only one story, or you can choose to have them reappear in multiple stories.

  • Reality's End - Wanna make a Battling Dragons story? RE League? Some other crazy RE-stuff? Go for it! Want to write something that has nothing to do with Reality's End? That is also allowed.

  • Creative Counteraction - Don't accept everything authors write at face value. If something happens that you really do not like, be creative with a solution. Stretch the bounds of what is expected to make a story even better than anyone intended.

  • Ownership - Whenever you write something for Board Writing, you retain all intellectual property ownership of the characters and situations you introduce. Reality's End does not gain any ownership of anything you put in Board Writing. The site does reserve the right to display your writings and possibly to use character designs in graphic advertisements for the story.

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Signing Up

You do not need to sign up for anything new in order to use Board Writing; if you have any account on Reality's End, you can use it instead. If you do not have any accounts for any of the games, you can always sign up for a master account to gain access to Board Writing as well as the forums.

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