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Dec 16, 2004

"Holy moly!" Lt. Eagle screamed in the presense of the magma gigas.

"Yes, it is quite holy," agreed the molten man, putting away his herbs, "but that is not really of importance."

"Yeah, you're right," concurred the flesh man. "Me prolly not dying is more important. Well, that, and getting my revenge..."

"Revenge? Why would you want that?" the giant questioned. "Nothing is wrong enough to need revenge."

Eagle quickly thought up, "What about confusing lava with magma?"

"Hmm, yes," it stated in ponderment. "That is pretty bad, but-"

"What about thinking that lave is better than magma?" he interrupted the smoking hulk, who now fumed even more.

"That dastards!" it cried. "I shall slay them with my bare hands!"

"Is that really too meaningful in your case?" asked Eagle. "I mean, they are giant... and made of magma." The molten giant had no time to listen, however, as he grabbed the tiny man and rode an erupting turrent to the surface. Amazingly, they broke right where the D-Knight, mole rider, and goblin were presently.

"You shall suffer, vile ones!" roared the roaring roar... I mean, giant.

"What the monkey?" quasi-cursed the green skin.

"Onoz! Its... some guy... with a threatening yet comical looking magma monster? Do you know what this means?"

"Indeed!" The illusionist lept from the monstrous mole, throwing a finger forward. "Monstaruuu Bataruuu!"

[Yes, there was originally another post here. I killed it. Killed it dead.]

Posted by
Jan 31, 2009

"You're done for," snickered the avian themed commander, "over done!"

"Ya know, I haven't burnt him yet," the volcanic gigas noted, turning its head around to face its master. Fully. One-eighty degrees around.

"Ew, stop doing that. I'll think my cracks out better from now on. How about... to live, you gotta catch 'em all!" The surface of the magma giant bubbled and rocketed forward in a barrage of burning balls. Their glowing bottoms, red upper hemisphere, and charred strip about the middle were in no way infringing on any pre-existing monster battling franchise.

"Not if I dimension the dice!" The whale rider union member enthusiastically awaited his tunneler's action, but it was confused as everyone else. "You know, do some sort of space-time slice thing."

"Zilly boy, how was moi to know such a thing," the irate mole scolded. Who could believe it? Something French being that polite! While it didn't quite know what to do, the nine-eyed behemoth waved around its five razored claws until the fabric of space time seemed to distort and swallow the flaming spheres. In the process, five other individuals in other lands lost their legs, arms, or lives while two others had their bread conveniently sliced for them, a bush of roses was cut to down to the nub, and a man's lawn was trimmed. He also lost his head.

"Yeah, well, get ready to d-d-ddd-d-d-d-d-ddd-ddd-" Stuck on the sound track, the illusionist chucked a stone at the novice to shake him out of the stutter. "Dual!" finished Eagle. At the command, the lava monster split in twine and formed two separate individuals. They both proceeded to immediately die as it was not capable of ripping itself apart in such a fashion.

"Suicide, huh? Well, it's no match for..." Pausing for suspense, member #77 pulled a rip cord from out of his cloak and inserted it into his digger. "Whatever they say in Beyblades!" As the cord was yanked out, Pierre spun around slightly before keeling over from his mortal stab wound. His claws slightly batted one of the already defeated molten halves on his fall to the floor. "Yeah, two damage!" The number had no significance.

"What the hell? You just killed your monster," vented the Lieutenant. "I at least didn't know mine would die from the fatal command. You actually just killed yours for no reason!"

"Not if I use this card! Shut Up Your Face!" Revealing the very much mundane playing card from his robe, nothing happened, 'cuz it was just a card and had no impact on the real world. It did when the wizard crammed it down the novice's throat. "Shut up your face!" Pleased with his quasi-victory, he had not noticed that the rest of his team proceeded without him.

"Hey, are we short?" questioned the knight.

"Don't think so," the goblin disagreed. "I think we'd be quite tall." Missing the point wholly, the fiend dreamed off into thinking what kind of towered, four-armed monstrosity he seated upon the warrior's shoulders would make. The green skinned one's thought bubble was dispersed by the green clad one.

"Oh, no. No more monster battles. That's how things died off last time."

"Last time?" repeated the gnome.

"Yeah, last time. You know, when all the dinosaurs died," he more deeply told. "All the big monsters started fighting and killed each other off. With a meteor."

The imp would have praised the D for this paramount knowledge, but their path was soon found blocked by a pink ...

**** This story is still being written. You, too, can contribute to it by writing the next installment. ****

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