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RoR: Square-Rooted
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Length: 22 Posts
Views: 387
Created On: Jul 31, 2004 14:53
Last Post: Jan 31, 2009 10:07
Posts Per Month: 0.09
Views Per Post: 17.59
5 Authors
  2 of which wrote 54% of the Posts

The cheese of lore, the Legendairy, is up for grabs in the Rumbl-o-Rama race! It is the same thing all over again, but slightly different.

This doppleganger story sees the events of the original RoR from a non-elder member perspective, although pretty much the same people joined in. See the mad goblin, the blue clad vagrant, and Writer77 in his final RoR appearance ever!

Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
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