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RoR: Idiotic Iteration Splinter
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Splintered Paths: 2
Total Posts: 33
Longest Path: 32 Posts
Views: 1771
Created On: Jun 13, 2005 20:36
Last Post: Jun 13, 2007 22:04
Posts Per Month: 0.14
Views Per Post: 53.66
7 Authors
  2 of which wrote 57% of the Posts

A crazed and motley gaggle of adventurers seek to claim the fame offered in the second occurrence of the grand competition held one year, one month, one week, and one day prior. Rumbl-o-Rama, the race to the place to feed your face! Competitors old and new alike dash, battle, and scheme to secure the grand prize, the Sharp Cheddar Legendary Dairy. Who will succeed? Who will die? Who will pay their exorbitant bar tabs?!?

Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Medieval, Steam Punk
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