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Mar 19, 2005

"Ooh... so scared! A pile o' hair! Big deal!" mocked Rook. Koumori constricted the beast, and Rook leapt into the air and struck its skull with the flat of his blade, toppleing the hairy monstrousity. "There! That was easy!"

"Wait. I think he may know something we need! Where's the Akilokipok?" threatened Dracon. "Tell me or we'll kill your familiar!" he said,indicating to the Strong Toad hiding in the bush, and was immediately grabbed by Fox.

"Okay! I'll tell! Just please don't hurt Mr. Cuddles! They've rebuilt their old base in the same place! Now please let us go!" They released him and his rather strangely named familiar, and the ran off.

Soon after...

"I've told them" said Gwm.

"Perfect. Everything is going to plan! Hahahaha!!!

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Mar 29, 2005

“We’ve got to find Eagle!” Dracon exclaimed once the situation was resolved.

“Eagle? The other person who was with you?” Rook asked, and then pondered a bit. “Wait, then he’s—“

“No, he’s not.” Dracon clarified upon realizing what Rook was thinking. “I thought the same thing too until I asked him. It seems he is a different person.”

“Oh.” Rook replied.

“Anyways, let’s go look for him.” Dracon said, and they set out on their search.

The monk had been sent farther than the pair and the familiars suspected. It took 15 minutes of traveling in the direction Eagle was hit for Dracon to finally glimpse him, sprawled out on the ground.

“Eagle!” Dracon exclaimed, running over to his side.

“Oh…Dracon, ‘tis you.” Eagle weakly stated.

“Yes. Now, can you get up?” Dracon queried.

“I don’t think so,” the monk replied, “especially after I haven’t been able to move a muscle for…how long was it?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you.” Rook said.

“Yes. Here, I’ll carry you.” Dracon said.

“Do you want me to help you?” Rook asked.

“It might be better if you had your hands free in case that wizard comes again.” Dracon answered. “Because we can’t use our weapons.”

“Huh? Why?” Rook questioned.

“It’s because of a curse set on us.” Dracon explained, and he told Rook the story while the group got back to the guild. As they arrived, they found that the thieves had managed to regroup themselves from the gravity onslaught.

“So…wait, that was why you asked about the Akilokipok from that beast.” Rook said.

“That’s right.” Dracon replied. “They’re coming back…”

Then, Dracon remembered his recent conversation with Eagle and turned to Rook squarely in the face.

“Rook, will you help us fight the Akilokipok again? Please.” Dracon asked.

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Mar 31, 2005

"Hell yea! I'm still pissed at those bastards! Now let's see.... ah! Here!" said Rook, pulling out a marked map. "'X' marks the spot!" thay stepped outside and immediately encountered purple pointy. But this time, Eagle was prepared.


Eagle quickly began a holy ritual.


By this point, Rook had already yanked a throwing knife out of a pocket.

As the wizard said his last word, all three unleashed their prepared act. "...SORROX!!!!" A barrier of light surrounded Rook, protecting him for the moment, and Rook hurled his shuriken knife, hitting his target. The purple, pointy robes hung from a tree.... with no wizard to be found.....

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Jun 18, 2005

"Huh, that was unusual," Rook blatantly stated, pulling his knife from the bark. "Why did he come to face us and spend all that time with a spell chant if all it did was make him disappear?" It was a rhetorical question, but Rook expected something to be given in return, verbally. "Guys, what do you... think..." The reason for his colleagues' lack of speech was now apparent. As he turned around, he no longer saw den of the thieves. Instead, the entire landscape had changed. The green forest suddenly whithered to black lifelessness as the foliage became replaced with oozing, sickly thorns. Past this break, the ground became barren and dark, spanning a long way until reaching the base of a jagged, menacing fortress.

"He didn't move himself," Eagle explained for those too dense to understand the situation, "he moved us!"

"Well, duh!" Dracon snapped at the monk. "I think that was pretty obvious."

"Hey, now," whimpered Eagle, "someone may not have known."

"Er... no. No, I... don't think so," lied Rook. "I knew. Yeah. Now, then, onwards!" As Rook charged forth to the castle of an evil aura, Dracon began to question why he suddenly was acting like a leader or why they were all blindly charging with him but gave up even trying and joined with the group.

"What is this now, friend?" roared the yellow giant with strains of putrid colored saliva flinging from his lipless mouth. "You brought their beasts with them?"

"It was a fluke, Gwm," the less pointy wizard stated. "By now you should have learned that my incantations are far from stable. It does not really matter, though, as even the three of them with all their beasts would be no challenge for you alone. And, of course, you are far from it." Webbed fingers graced the glowing shell of his beloved pet.

"I still hate that I had to play weak and defenseless to those fools," the Fuath growled. "Threatening my treasure, as if they could do it any harm." The Strong Toad was, of course, fabled for its indestructibility. Nothing can harm it, save if it is reduced to ash by a very grand and fiery heat.

"And I hate," croaked the shelled amphibian, "that I had to see you play that part to those undeserving vagrants. It is far beneath you, Master."

"You give that squirt more credit than me," a rough voice boomed from the shadows. The room shook as the figure emerged: a hulking titan, bulging with muscles riddled with pulsing veins. His massive chest supported even larger arms that nearly dragged on the floor. His back hunched, as though he was too much weight for himself to support. His body was draped in furs from many animals. Atop his head was the skin of a bear that lined most of his back. The jaw hung down over most of his face, leaving only his bearded chin showing. Its claws were fashioned into boots and his left glove. On his right hand, he wore the head of a wolf. The rest of its body transvered up that arm with the tail hanging freely over his shoulder.

"My apologies, Jorkra, but I put my faith in those whose abilities have been proven," Gwm snubbed. "Let us not forget who brought you that new friend?"

"And he is much appreciated," the berserker chortled, pulling on a heavy chain that he held in his hand, beckoning forth a frightened Monoceros. As it staggered forward on battered legs, Asfaloth slowly gazed upward at its captors with glowing, red eyes. "He goes well with my other pretties. And, if it proving myself that you desire, I shall. Those foolhardy heroes shall never reach the gate."

"They're probably pretty close by now, Beast Master," Gwm informed. "You better make haste, friend."

"I always do." Throwing his right arm forward, the jaws that adorned his hand howled a long, mournful cry as it gained life. No longer was their a man's arm, or even a man, but a gigantic wolf with bondage in its jaws that charged off, leading with it a pack of turned monsters.

**** This story is still being written. You, too, can contribute to it by writing the next installment. ****

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