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Feb 15, 2005

"Well, here we are again," Dracon moaned, "wandering through the forest... aimlessly. I sure wish this would have just worked out the first time we did it."

"No one cares about that," snapped the monk. "Past mistakes- or... whatever they are- cannot be solved now, unless we had some sort of time monster. But, until we find ourselves the omnipotent falcon-fish, we'll just have to continue onward with our task at hand as is." After lobbing the heads off of many randomly found imps and mad ponies with the use of a flying guillotine, something more interesting was stumbled upon.

"This rock is terrific!" Fortunately for the duo, the less-than-bright goblin did not see them, distracted by the not-so-shiny stone, and they were able to continue looking for things randomly.

"There has to be something behind that wizard's familiar being unnoticeable," pondered Dracon out loud.

"It might be like a Kamaitachi. Those buggers are faster than sight," input Eagle constructively, only knowing the answer from experience. "Right, Fox?" A swift agreement came from a rush of wind as the pet dashed by.

"Also," added Dracon, "it could be so small that we cannot see it. Or," he dreaded, "so large that we do not know we are even seeing it..."

"Please," refuted the monk, "could something be that large?" Horrors from the boy's past flooded his mind.

"You haven't seen any 'mountains' moving, have yo-" A hand was thrown over his lips, stopping his words. Eagle's eyes rolled in his head while his body remained perfectly still, surveying the surrounds.

"Did you hear that?"

"There was a noise? I didn't hear anything," Dracon whispered. "What was it?"

"The sound," he answered, "of silence."

"Ugh!" Dracon's head fell back as his grunt of anguish filled the air, his pet doing likewise with each of its own. "What type of garbage is that?"

"In my training," the monk spoke with words that barely escaped his lips, "there were times when we had to be without word, without sound. However, a natural quiet is must different than the one we fabricated in the monastery. When you spend so long a time without noise, what was once quiet becomes audible. I can hear someone, something, out there which does not wish to be found.

Dracon stared at his companion in a natural silence before blurting, "I thought you were a bad monk?"

"I... was," he confessed. "I just got punished a lot, okay? ... It's paying off now!" Hiding behind trunks, the two slunk their way closer to where the thing was thought to be. More nothing was heard, but the object of their hunt did not seem to notice their pursuit. When thought to be within sight of the quarry, Eagle leaned out from hiding to take a peek. Quickly retracting his head, a blazing luminescence filled the forest, quenching every bit of shade. The light had even singed the tree that shielded him.

"I think it's on to us," Dracon sarcastically spilled, charging out from his hiding place, hoping the thing to not be swift. He was not sure if anything was even out there until a form shot by his vision. He could barely describe the oddity that which he saw. As he chased it further with his familiars in train, he strained to identify the crimson shape that bounced from branch and ground. At first he thought it was as some sort of beast but his opinion changed to a breed of bird later on, only to come back halfway to beast again. It was a mystery as to what it truly was, a fact which told Dracon exactly what it was. A wall of shredding wind, compliments of Eagle's weasel, blocked the path of the creature, forcing it to scurry way into some dark hole.

"No where to hide now," Dracon called out, peering into the darkness from which a large, shining plate stared back, "ey, Carbunckle?" The monster has never been seen by human, or any, eyes. It's very existence was still regarded as a myth among myths. It made perfect sense that it would be the pointy one's pet.

"What are you doing with my familiar?" cried out a voice from behind them.

"So, come to get your precious back," Dracon smugly stated, "huh, Pointy Purple What the? You ain't him!"


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Feb 17, 2005

"Hehehehehe....that is right, youth," said the dark-robed man standing behind Dracon.

"What - who are you?" asked Dracon.

"Dracon, remember what the Boss said?...The Purple Pointy Wizard is not a child," Eagle reminded.

" there are a smart lad," the dark-robed man complimented Eagle. "I am the one you refer to as the Purple Pointy Wizard...though, as you can see, I do not wear purple nor do I have a pointy hat."

"Wh--what!?" Dracon said.

"In order to distract you, I transformed into a child so that you would ease up on your pursuit. But now that I see that you have decided to assail my Carbuncle, I have no choice but to reveal my true form and dispatch of you as so."

At this moment, Eagle suddenly held up the pendant he showed long ago. "It is time, Dracon," Eagle said. "If this is to be the battle to save you, then I must unleash my true might at last." Eagle chanted a short incantation at the pendant and there was a massive flash of light, rendering everyone blind for a moment...

* class changes to Monk *

"W-wait, Eagle...before we begin killing each other...why did you curse me in the first place?" Dracon inquired.

"Ah, youth...that I shall tell you, since you are incapacitated anyhow. I had a precognition that you would destroy my life's I found you and bound your weapon attacks with an ancient spell. Now, the only way you can save yourself is by killing me, which you will never do...despite the fact that your friend has now agreed to become a true servant of Light."

"I shall not die without taking you down first," Eagle retorted. Drawing his blade (for, though a monk, he still preferred the sword), he charged at the mysterious magician when all of a sudden...

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Feb 20, 2005

The wizard laughed "THere shall be no killing! Poxy Roxy Sorox!" The wizard laughed and Eagles weapons were also bound to him, but could not be used. THe wizard reached into his pocket and pulled out a long string of unreadable text, at least to the party. He recited the lines in a quick jist of his tongue. Carbunkle and the wizard dissappeared again, but not without leaving a note the stated:

"History and secretes are fun,

But not for you,

For the akilokipok will strike again,

They will become my slaves,

there dead bodies rising from the dead,

For with a few words, I shall rule the world"

Dracon's eyes widened in horror. "A-a.....the akilokipok gang, i-is coming back..." Dracon said bending over his head in between his knees. He slammed his fist onto the ground "They can't be coming they can't!" Dracon said, his words wet with tears.

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Feb 21, 2005

"Err... What are you crying about? And who are these Akiwhatsit guys?" asked Eagle.

"The, The Akilokipok. They're a group of evil monster theives that, that stole stanley here and generally caused a lot... of mayhem, two years ago." sobbed Dracon, motioning towards his Hydra.

"You beat them the first time?" ventured Eagle

"Yes, but we could use our weapons then. And there were more than two of us." Dracon said, recovering his stature quite fast

"So we need more people?..." asked the confused monk

"I guess we could try it with the two of us. We'd probably fail though, and failure would mean almost cerain death, probably at the hands of the Purple Pointy... Oh, alright, Black Not-so-pointy Evil Feind" Replied the youth

"I like Purple Pointy Wizard better..."

And so the now-cursed pair moved out, in search of the wizard's hideout, or some ally that could lead them to it... Or break their curses...

OOC[Alright, I hope I didn't kill it. Anyways, I want to know if anyone wants Zedd in this story... Of course, if he is added, I'll have to take measures to stop him being overpowering, like he was in The Search...]

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Feb 21, 2005

"So our fighting is now constrained to our familiars..." Eagle said.

"Yes, and when Akilokipok comes back...we won't have familiars..."

"Let's just hope Fox will be able to use his stealth capabilities to evade Akilokipok for as long as possible," Eagle stated optimistically. He did not know the terror of Akilokipok, and therefore was unable to understand how or why they captured familiars.

"Wait, Eagle."

"Yes, Dracon?"

"Aren't you now a Monk?"

"Yes, and...?"

"Well, then, that means you aren't incapacitated! You can strike foes down with light magic!"

"Umm...well, I still need some time to learn the necessary prerequisites....none of my current attacks are magic-based."

"But at least you can learn magic-based attacks, can't you?"

"I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. But if I can, then I think you're the one who's going to need a lot of luck in avoiding being attacked."


"Well then..."

* uses Fortune on dracon *

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Dracon decided to try to draw his great his surprise, it moved a little. He couldn't draw it, but it wasn't completely stuck as before.

"Say, Eagle, I think you've weakened the curse..."

** There is still more to this story. Continue to the next page. **

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