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Posted by
Feb 1, 2005

[This story was originally written in the forums, where the original copy can still be found.]

[Okay people, NO GOING OFF THE STORY LINE!! I have read a whole bunch of posts in 'The Search' topic on how people did not follow the topic at all, so please stay on track thankyou ^_^]

BIC: Dracon awoke in his tent and peeking outside, it was another morning of no events what so ever. He seen his familiar and smiled, it has been a year or two since he was recovered and Dracon was glad, he did not want it stolen again. He crawled beside his 'stanley' and pat each individual head. "Wake up stanley, we have to deliver some goods" Dracon said standing up his familiar doing the same.

Dracon walked back to his tent and packed it up and slung it over his back, his dragon halberd and thorn whip also put away, but easy to access. He motioned for stanley to follow and they quickly arrived at a town. A wagon arrived and Dracon followed, it was equipped with a couple of horses for some heavy travel. "Well shall we start" Dracon said climbing into the wagon. His familiar followed by the side of the wagon and they were off to some distant town to deliver some goods.

It has been a few hours since they started their journey, they were abrublty stopped by someone in a wizards robe. "Poxy roxy sorrox" he said and Dracons weapons glowed a slight blue in color.

Dracon shouted something and did not notice anything diffrent so he shrugged it off.

Dracon continued down the road and arrived at the town shortly, he stopped at an inn and dropped off the supplies. He walked into and seen the receptionist who recorded everything that went on "I have made the delivery" Dracon said handing her a slip of paper including the details.

"Thank-you" The woman said sweetly and smiled.

Dracon left and parked the wagon in a loading area (sounds advanced for medieval times doesn't it). He arrived and found stanley and they walked around a bit bored, they encountered though a weak monster stepping in their way. Dracon sighed "Stanley let me handle this" Dracon said attempting to grab his dragon halberd, though couldn't, his hand would not fully grasp it and he did not know why. He was dumbstruck for a moment and attempted to grab the thorn whip, the same effect happened. "What the 'el?" He said quietly, "Stanley take him down!" He yelled mad for the fact that he was not able to attack.

Stanley quickly took the monster down with a one, two, three jabs total from all the heads. "Well were lucky that was weak..." Dracon said and trailed off. "We will have to go back to town and find some one to lift what ever that strange wizard has done to me" Dracon said, though not knowing it was soley in his weapons.

He arrived shortly back to town looking for someone who could possibly lift the curse from his weapons....

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Feb 2, 2005

"Let's see... Glaziers, Artisans, Fish-mongers, Dragon-slayers, Time-tinkerers, Metallurgists, Non-sensical writing devices, Psychics -- A-ha! Curse-lifters!" Dracon finally rambled off. He was not yet halfway down the main road before finding what he needed, which left him a slight bit disappointed.

"Gee, stanley," the boy muttered to his pet, "it seems like normally when we go on these sorts of wacky quests, they take a lot longer than this." The Hydra only returned multiple blank, dazed stares. Before pushing in the door to the Curse-lifter, Dracon took a step back. "Unless maybe a slew of orcs mistake us for the ones who stole their prized roast?" he posed to seemingly no one, darting his eyes around him, waiting to no avail. "Fine," he finally admitted defeat, and with a heavy sigh, trudged through the door.

"Hello?" Dracon called through the dark. Despite its prime location, the shop itself was very poorly lit. He touched his fingers to the wall for guidance, pulling them back in a hurry once he recognized the shape of something very cold and a very dry -- a skull. Of what sort, he did not know, but he pulled stanley close at any rate.

"Hello?" Dracon called once more, wishing to be in this place no longer than he needed to. "I... I think I was cursed. I would like to be... not cursed." A haughty laugh cut the black air and echoed off the close walls.

"So cursed, say ye?" the same voice questioned. "Lifting is a very involved and possibly dangerous operation. It is not something to be taken with li'l regard." Ahead, a silhouette appeared in a corridor and slowly approached.

"First, we must be certain. First, we must test ye..."

Posted by
Feb 2, 2005

Dracon walked foward, stumbling a bit "Test me....test me how?" He asked to the darkness.

"Why we test you like this" The mysterious thing asked.

"I do not feel anything...." Dracon protested, not believing he was here.

"You, you get out of here right now!, anything that has set thine curse upon you, is in great power" The figure said the darkness disappearing and Dracon found himself outside with his Familiar.

"Stanley, what just happened?" He asked to his pet, and getting blank stares yet again.

"We will just have to find that little sniveling wizard again...." Dracon said sighing in disgust....

Posted by
Feb 2, 2005

As Dracon and Stanley continue upon their quest, they encounter a young man on the road.

"Hello," said the youthful stranger. "You seem troubled."

"Yes," replied Dracon. "I have a feeling I have been cursed by a great force."

"Cursed, eh? What exactly is happening?"

"Why should I trust a complete stranger like you?..."

"Good point," the youth answered. "Call me Eagle. I am a servant of the forces of Light."

"Great!...So you are a monk?" Dracon inquired.

"...Not yet exactly," Eagle responded. "I have fulfilled all prerequisites, but I am just honing my skills...but do you see this pendant here? This has been given to me to use whenever I feel I am ready, and I need but a few more days now."

", can you lift my curse then?"

"Let's see what I can do currently," Eagle said.

* uses Luck on dracon to heal the body and bolster the mind and spirit *

Dracon tries to draw his great halberd, but to no avail.

"Ah...I'm sorry," Eagle stated. "I guess I would be of more use as a monk. No matter, though...I shall not give up so easily. If you do not mind, would you permit the honor of accompanying you and your familiar?"

"Sure," Dracon replied.

"Then it is settled." Eagle proceeded to make a long, clear whistle, and shouted, "Fox! Asfaloth!" in a booming voice. Before long, a Kamaitachi and a Monoceros were at his side.

"These are my familiars, FoxMcBlur and Asfaloth." Turning to Stanley he asked, "And you would be -?"

"His name is Stanley," Dracon replied. "Well, thanks to you and your familiars, my lack of fighting capability at present does not pose that much of a problem anymore, then? Let's go and find how to remove this curse, and have vengeance on the vile one who cursed me."

Posted by
Feb 3, 2005

The group traveled on a little bit longer, and then Eagle asked, “By the way, do you have an idea on how to remove the curse?”

“I was planning on retracing our route.” Dracon replied. “In that way, perhaps I can find that wizard again and deal with him.”

They went on with their familiars for a while, not finding any trace of the wizard. Eventually, to break the silence that had fallen, Eagle asked,

“Why would someone curse you, anyway?”

“I don’t know.” Dracon answered.

“Do you have any enemies?”

“No. At least none that I know of.”

“Hmm… Well, perhaps—“

The monk was cut off as the alert Dracon quickly pulled him out of the way of an arrow. Looking, they saw only a forest from where the arrow came.

“Come on!” Dracon yelled as they all charged into the forest.

Being alert, the group searched all around for their attackers, but only seeing trees everywhere. Suddenly, the whole forest seemed to echo with footsteps.

“I don’t like the look of this…” Eagle muttered.

** There is still more to this story. Continue to the next page. **

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