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Battalon127, Feb 14, 2007 19:40


In keeping with the naming tradition, the soldier notable enough label is Lt. M. Roald ('M' can stand for whatever a future author wishes. Or maybe it's a mystery...). He's a fairly high ranking officer in the military that controls the world Grey is currently stuck on.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Feb 15, 2007 16:14

M. Roald

You really shoulda tried to find a way to work M. into your post. Heck, even an OOC of it would have been better than chucking it in the discussion board. There is no gaurantee that an author will read this thing; there certainly is no gaurantee than an author will re-read this thing when they go to make a post.

Moreover, it is just good writing practice -- especially in IAS -- to explain something important like, oh, a name when the character first appears.

I think this trend of authors commenting on posts they just made is all my fault... I started it with the For the Mythologically Challengeds, which were only placed outside of the story since they didn't have anything to do with it.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Feb 17, 2007 13:57

Nexus Ownership

Keeping track of all these worlds and Nexus can but a strain on your brain, so here's a complete Who's-Who in the Nexus world. This guide is meant to be as liberal and open as possible, and it will update as ownerships change hand:

  1. Earth-Fire: Stolen from Grey by a Crimson Masque
  2. Earth-Air: Stolen from the Captain
  3. Earth-Water: Not in Conglomerate control (they own no Earth Nexus)
  4. Fire-Air: Owned by the Conglomerate guard who saved Grey from the Masque
  5. Fire-Water: Owned by a non-specified Conglomerate member*
  6. Air-Water: Stolen from Perry by a Crimson Masque; apparently retrieved and is now owned by a non-specified Conglomerate member*

* The Conglomerate was stated to own multiple Nexus on the other two United Worlds. Since they cannot access Earth, the Fourth World, they may possess the three remaining, non-Earth Nexus. It was stated that they own Fire-Air, and they require at least two more Nexus for the other two United Worlds, leaving them with Fire-Water and Perry's old Nexus of Air-Water, which was apparently recovered.Arrow Reply

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