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Posted by
Aug 23, 2003

"By my crimson obsession, what are you talking about now Gobbo?"

"My heart burn,"whined the ghobling " which reminds me, If this is twenty years back, I shouldn't have heartburn and further more, this forum wouldn't exist thus making it impossible for any of blah blah blah ..." C'Moddd had stopped listening three seconds after into the lecture as he realized his eyebrows had grown back. For about another hour, C'Modd jumped up and down screaming his happiness as Gobbo droned on and on. and on. and on...and on.

After three more hours had past by in a similar action, the marauder clutched his sprained ankle as the ghobling sipped hot tea, trying to regain his lost voice. The awesome knight and the C.A.M.O. joined him for the same reason. "Hey guy's... since we're all sitting here and I'm going to cast some magic for my ankle, should I summon a videogame? Which do guys want, X-box or Game Cube." asked C'Moddd, who chuckled as the other three inaudibly rasped there reply over and over again. "You don't care? Then i'll get myself a handheld." The tea sippers wheezed pleaingly in vain as the marauder healed himself and summoned a small game of Puck man. Attracted to the handheld's crappy music from deep in the forest, burst out-

Posted by
Aug 25, 2003

"...Goodness!" exclaimed Gobbo. "Over here!"

"Now what?"

MadGoblin points to an insignia on a wall. It is an image of a shuriken within an..onion ring?

..."What in blazes is this supposed to mean?" MadGoblin inquires.

"That should be pretty obvious," says a cold voice behind him.

"M-Mace Windu? What, by the name of Reality's End are you doing here?"

"I? Oh, to your small-Mindforced heads, I'm just running an errand for Queen Zeal-"

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, WINDU! Baruk khazad, khazad ai-menu!" An adept axe-hew cleft Mace Windu to the ground.

"Thank you, Gimli, you may leave," says LieutenantEagle. "For your references, that is the insignia of the Onion Time-Warp."

"The - what?" MadGoblin asks.

"Ah - right. A certain prophecy states that 'he who consumes a Summon-Shuriken alongside an Onion Ring of Time shall obtain the force to traverse the space-time continuum at will'. You are the first mortal who has satisfied this requirement."

"But how -"

"Think Quidditch and don't ask. Hmm...MadGoblin, I must tell you that your party is unfortunately under-equipped. You are the only one who has any chances of despatching foes."

"Why me?"

"Well, it's quite tough to explain. Here, this should aid you in your quest."

Hands over 20 Onion Rings

"When you consume an Onion Ring, you will enter the Bullet Time environment. You will be a human Kamaitachi until the effects expire. For your friends, the Onion Ring will do nothing more than replenish Health Points."

"Umm, Lieutenant?" asks boyachi. "How did Gimli get here?"

"I used a complex Summon-spell. Yeah, I'm sorry but you can't get it.

"WHY?" MG asks.

"It's one of those things granted only to the Retainers of Light. If I were you, and were serious about gathering offensive Summon-spells, here."

Hands over four Spamslash Edges

"Use these for a while, and you'll learn the First Four of Offensive Summons."

"Which are?" Gobbo inquired.

"Summon Sword, Summon Spear, Summon Arrow, and Summon Staff."

To be...continued?

Posted by
Aug 25, 2003

"Wow whis is ummm really complicated now!" The awesome knight vincent said "I mean the fact I'm an awesome knight of funk and other things pretty much is underscored by the fact that I have awesome skill and awesome equipment, but you know."

"Yes I too would like to know why it has become so complicated in lietenanteagles posts, despite his refusal of answering plotholes"

"Haha" Lietenent Eagle (or what ever persona represents him) said "You see-.................

Posted by
Aug 31, 2003

"I am secretly planning to record this very adventure and making it into an RPG rivaling that of that of Grundun's Incitement 18!!! Then Squaresoft! And then, I will go to the bathroom!"

"What about disney?" chirped C.A.M.O

"Why not go to the bathroom before this happens...supposedly."inquired C'moddd.

"What makes the spear so offensive? It looks clean to me, kinda smells like mana, but other than that, it looks really clean and wholesome."asked Gobbo, who then bites the spear. "Hey, it tastes like an onion ring!"

Out of the blue, the cool night vincent turns into a galian beast and starts going after everyone. "Gah! he's been possessed by squares!!!" the vicious beast grabs Eagle and throws him up into a tree, where he hangs by his underpants. Shortly after, the fiend collapses and turns back into vincent, who is out cold. Furious, Eagle transports away. The remaining three turn to watch vincent...

Posted by
Aug 31, 2003

"hmmmm, is he dead?" Gobbo says, then pokes him in the eye with a stick

"OW what the hell was that for you idiot!" Vince yells somewhat beastially. "hey what happened...? Whered the guy who talks funny and about summon stuff and leaves plotholes wherever he lurks even though earlier he was trying to convey a more sophisticated rpg style story...?"

Gobbo then asked "what???"

"oh, I just said what happened, nothing else...." Vince responded, suspiciosly

"You turned into a galian beast, Whatever that is" the cmmodd said

"I think it's a...." Vince was interuppted

"I said whatever that is!!!....." He yelld back

"Hmmm must have been because gobbo bit that spear" Lietenant Eagle said

"Hey I thought you teleported....." Vince the knight of funk and other stuff like that responded"

"Yes well... hey I thought you were out cold." Lietenant Eagle garflopped

"Yeah, knocked out, thats it, and what the hell is a garflop!!???"

"I think the reason that caused you to morph into a thingy is because it caused a.............

** There is still more to this story. Continue to the next page. **

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