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Posted by
Dec 30, 2005

Hi My name is Katoe the Kamaitachi this is me and masas story so enjoy oh and most of these moves are fake.


*****************************PART 1*******************************


masamuno:Hey katoe fell like a good stroll through poison plains.


Narrator:Katoe and Masamuno walk until a women comes and they run into each other.

Women:Oh sorry i was running away *breathing heavily*

Masamuno:Hmm running...running away from what?

Women:A Nidhogg a Drake


Women:but would you please save my son he is still back there i have no gold but please do it for me

Masamuno:*sigh* alright.

Women:thank you.

Katoe:Ok lets go Masa.

Narrator:As Masamuno An Katoe roam the poison plains they notice somthing.

Masamuno:Whoa Katoe whats that.Katoe:A nidhogg Portal this is where nidhoggs pop out hmmm where are comes!!*nidhogg flies out and holds its hands out*Nidhogg:leave me alone this is my lunch stay and i will eat you!

Masamuno:if that mouth gos anywhere Near him ill bash you face in.

Nidhogg:Hmm if you can touch me.

Masamuno:Katoe Attack him with Cyclone Slash

*Katoe runs and does 5 flips with 1 blade forward and the other back*

*nidhogg moved to the left dogding the attack while moving you could see transparent clones moving with him*

Katoe:What the i missed

Masamuno:oh my gosh hes so fast how i supposed to kill something if i cant even touch it.

Katoe:uh oh this could be a problem.

Narrator:Can Masamuno And Katoe Keep up with this speedy nidhogg youll find out in part 1.


**************************TO BE CONTINUED*************************


Posted by
Dec 30, 2005

Narrator:Now Back to my kamaitachi


/*************Part 2***************/


Katoe:Masamuno i cant touch the nidhogg.

Masamuno:I noticed.This Could be a problem for us

Nidhogg:But an advantage for me.oh and before i devour you 2 ill tell you my name is Valkyor.

Masamuno:hmm nice to meet you valkyor but to bad this'll be your last day now die!!

Narrator:masamuno jumps to the air and falls fast towards valkyor

but valkyor sidesteps and masamuno misses and falls and katoe quickly bites and valkyor screams.

Valkyor:ahh! eh.

Valkyor:so you wanna fight!

Narrator:Valkyor tries to shake off katoe but katoes teeth are sharp but katoes just a pup so valkyor pulls his arm back and swings it and katoe flies.


Katoe:im alright look out:

Narrator:Masamuno get punched by valk and katoe attacks valk with cyclone slash he only gets 1 slash before valk teleports be hind and then grabs his throat and choke slams him

Masamuno:Katoe Katoe are you alright...

Valk:hes unconsious hehehe.

Valk:now you have to fight me alone

Masamuno:hmm all right lets go!

Narrator:masamuno trys to move but hes stuck

Masamuno:what the

Valk:that punch was really a venom punch hahahaha youll be uconsious in a few mins.

Masamuno:uh oh im starting to lose it sleepy

Valk:lookes likes its kicking in good night

Narrator:quickly masamuno falls down eh *softly*ka..katoe*

Narrator:After A 30 minutes katoe wakes up

Katoe:huh where am i masamuno masa wake up

Masamuno:huh what where am i

Katoe:i thought you would know.Masamuno:how would i know oh valkyor we must be in his domain.

Valkyor:hahahaha now i will eat you and this child

Masamuno:not while im still alive


Masamuno:katoe use your blade claws to break free

Katoe:i cant there to small

Masamuno:uh oh

Valkyor i think ill eat that kamaitachi first


Narrator:Will Masamuno be able to break free and save katoe.

narrator:Will some one save them find out in the last part of My Kamaitachi.




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