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MintMan, Mar 18, 2006 14:18

"Abomination" used way too much!

Try adding a little variety to it in the future. You used the word "abomination" nine times in your post, often in sequential sentences. Don't feel bad about taking terms other authors have used to describe a character if you are running out of your own fancy titles. As long as it stays mixed up...Arrow Reply

Empror707, Mar 19, 2006 14:40

Re: ''Abomination'' used way too much!

can authors name each others characters? i kind feel like its not my character so i shouldnt name it. next time ill give the character a definate name.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Mar 19, 2006 15:03

No names!

I would recommend against that. So far in the story, no one has been given a name, and I for one kinda like that theme. Anybody else agree with me?

Trying to give them all names at this late point would kinda seem odd to me. Besides, giving it a definate name wouldn't fix anything; even (and especially) proper names can be overused in writing. I am just saying that you should try to keep your titles varying.Arrow Reply

boyachi, Mar 19, 2006 20:28

Re: No names!

I'm liking the whole nameless deal, and frankly, I already named them all in my head, from 'Whiny' to "this man."Arrow Reply

Foshi, Mar 21, 2006 20:44

Speaking of themes...

Yes, the anonymous theme is fun. I also like the trend we have going-and I don't know if this was a conscious effort-where the little mage doesn't talk at all. Maybe her muteness will be explained later...Arrow Reply

Foshi, Mar 21, 2006 21:05

Re: Speaking of themes...

Aww...crud. Sorry, I just read the next chapter. She talked...Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Mar 19, 2006 15:05

Re: Re: ''Abomination''

This isn't really about "naming", it's about "calling". There are many, many synonym for abomination (like a "horror" or "monster"), let alone a lot of other things that it could have been called. Saying the same word over and over, as priorly stated, just gets repetitive.Arrow Reply

Empror707, Mar 19, 2006 19:36

Re: Re: Re: ''Abomination''

i agree about leaving the characters without names so next time ill use different synomyms for the characters so it doesnt get repetitiveArrow Reply

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