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MintMan, Mar 18, 2006 14:07

Fashion Disaster!

Has anyone really ever considered just what this li'l mage looks like? I mean, really? That's a color-coordinated cataclysm right there!Arrow Reply

Foshi, Mar 18, 2006 19:11

Re: Fashion Disaster!

Eh heh heh...I created her, so I put a good deal of thought into it. >_< I was trying to make her look like a witch, without giving her that stereotypical pointy hat. If it's the dress you're concerned about...when I said "plum", I visualized a very dark purple. Guess I should have been more specific, huh?Arrow Reply

MintMan, Mar 18, 2006 19:54

Re: Re: Fashion Disaster!

I kinda meant the choice in colors; nothing on her matches. Nothing on her even goes with one another. I mean, mint green, black, purple, red, silver... I wanted to describe her eyes, but I couldn't choose which one of the previous colors to reuse in them.Arrow Reply

Foshi, Mar 18, 2006 22:33

Re: Re: Re: Fashion Disaster!

Well...maybe SHE'S just bad at color coordination? I mean, she's been on her own for, uh...most of her life.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Mar 23, 2006 15:01

Whoops ^_^'

Too bad you didn't speak up sooner; I didn't even realize that. What really makes it suck is that I wasn't even supposed to break the girl's silence. Originally, the soldier was supposed to say her lines, but then I realized that he wasn't around the emperor or anyone.

Meh, I think I know of an interesting way to utilize her half-silence...Arrow Reply

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