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boyachi, May 6, 2010 19:09


Personally, I think this story is complete. Should it have a "The End" tacked on it? Or are there other gaps that need to be closed(aside from anyone's name, which I think perhaps could be left out, at least until a possible sequel)?Arrow Reply

MintMan, May 7, 2010 22:35


I kinda thought it was obvious that the story was ended. I mean, everything was wrapped up, and you really can't add anything after last words like that. (Gobbs and I knew that was the way HT was going out for years [I guess] now.)

I doubt HT will ever get a sequel/prequel. It was rather nicely self-contained, and I doubt anyone would be clamoring for the return of Soldier(~!) when all of the more interesting characters did their job and took a dirt nap.

With all of the bad authors interjecting themselves into High Time from low time to time, it is probably best if HT bites the big one as well. The new REWS mechanisms in place would have really helped those prior sorts of oddities from trying to kill the story, although they also would have killed some of the surprise twists, I guess. At any rate, I suspect a better franchise could be engineered to succeed HT, even if it were another tourney format fighter. I don't know why, tho'; people allegedly hate them, but seem to like them at the same time.Arrow Reply

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