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boyachi, Apr 2, 2006 15:24

Whats the next step

So will it fast forward to the next round or will we follow the characters through the break?Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Apr 2, 2006 15:54

Well, I assumed.

Well, seeing how it dropped off in the middle of a non-combatative event, yeah, I thought there could be some character development occurring at this point to spice up the plot and what for.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Apr 2, 2006 16:43

Re: Well, I assumed.

I do believe something about recooperation was mentioned. I mean, after beating and being beaten half to death, you'd think they'd get some time to rest up before their next matches. Ya don't want people to fight with their ribs all taped up.

Plus, character development = good.Arrow Reply

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