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Reality's End has a simple stance on writing: anything that doesn't suck is good. Things don't need to be perfect -- just decent. I am, after all, a guy who reads folklore more than anything else.

If this is what makes writing good, the next logical question is what makes writing suck? Well, middle school English classes are a good start to avoid suckage. RE is not the sort of place that will explode over a slight typo; as long as the thing looks like it was written in our language, most of the war is won.

BW isn't writing as usual, however. In fact, barely any writing by people with different DNA than my own is commonly found here. For those reasons, I present these writing guides -- for Collaborative Writing on BW and for writing one may actually do else where, 'cause it sure ain't here~!

Collaborative Writing & BW Specifics
Read some how-tos and essays on the mostly misunderstood art of interactive stories.
  • About Board Writing - a lengthy history not only about this feature, but also past forays into collaborative writing
  • Checklist for Greatness - also has some good tidbits for non-interactive writing!
  • Rules Schmules - what Board Writing wants and doesn't want
  • Violations - no writing wants this, and it could get your stuff deleted (mostly plot holes and other inconsistencies)
Writing Suggestions
If you wish you could write like the awesome authors here, then how bad is your writing? You need help!
  • Dialogue - making characters talk like characters instead of robots (also, accents and informal speech)
English Grammar
We aren't grammar Nazis, but you should know that you are embarrassing yourself.
  • Quotations - the rules of speech, dialogue's punctuation marks, and a talking horse!
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