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The 1st addition has 2 comments (Jan 5, 2012 15:41)

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draggy1234, Jan 4, 2012 20:16

Meh-to-Bad Prologue

Argh...was originally planning to have a prologue start separate from the actual beginning of the Nidhogg's story, until I got stopped by the posting restriction. I really gotta refresh myself on the rules here. XP

Was kinda hoping the prologue would end up better. I was looking for a beginning that would set up the setting reasonably well...

Anyways, remember the story idea about toy familiars? Yep, I went based off of that. :p

Anybody think about a reference to Super Smash Bros. Melee trophies while reading this post? You're right. Just make sure to ignore the logo that's imprinted on the trophy bases. :)

I wrote based off of the pictures in the BD bestiary. I know I didn't put much visual description of the Nidhogg, as the writing is based on his point-of-view. One particular issue is measurements (for example, will the Nidhogg fit into the house?).Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jan 5, 2012 15:41

I thought that idea sounded familiar

Yeah, I have been meaning to re-code REWS to allow multiple posts in a row at all times -- and actually to ask the the author to break up long posts into multiple sections (all from one page/submit) for the sake of better paging.

Nidhogg has no description whatsoever. It has wings and can bite; other than that, nada. It probably could look more like Norse wyrms from what sculptures and artwork vikings left, but then it would just look generic like a wyrm.Arrow Reply

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