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MadGoblin, Aug 10, 2008 11:01

Anyone a Fan?

Wow, I totally missed this being here. Way for me to pay attention.

Now, I know RE has about a quarter of it devoted to Pokémon fandom, but this whole Kirby angle is a new wiggle. I know one R.E.gular, Dragon Kirby, is a given as liking the series, but does anyone else care for or even recognize the puff ball?

Although, I wonder how much any of that has to do with liking the story. That'd be like saying Vaporeon Babble required extensive knowledge in Pokémon.Arrow Reply

LeeTupper, Jan 14, 2009 22:54

Re: Anyone a Fan?

I like the Kirby universe, too. Almost had a working Tabletop RPG based on it, but my group was like "Screw dat! Keep goin' wit' da Pokeymans homebrew."

And such was life.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jan 15, 2009 19:53

Tabletop RPG

A Kirby tabletop game would only work, in my opinion, if you got to throw the figurines at the other figurines. Or at the other players. Or throw weighted lead balls -- at each other~!Arrow Reply

Lemmykoopy, Jun 12, 2012 16:14

Just change the WL4 character to KatAM characters

I know that it have WARIO LAND 4 characters in here.

Cractus-King Golem

Spear-Mask-Big Waddle Dee

And Hoggus-WizArrow Reply

Lemmykoopy, Jun 12, 2012 16:17

Re: Just change the WL4 character to KatAM characters

HAL do not made WL4.

Arrow Reply

Lemmykoopy, Jun 13, 2012 10:49

Cractus is from Kirbbby?

I see a video that he's in THE AMAZING MiRROR GAME!Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jun 13, 2012 19:39

Link or it didn't happen

I just Googled Cractus, and I don't ever remember seeing that thing anywhere. Unless it appeared in one of the recent games, but The Google disagrees with you, so...

Also, please stop replying to your own posts as an anonymous user. That feature is meant to protect against criticism, not permit trolling.Arrow Reply

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