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MintMan, Aug 22, 2006 16:31

One Year

One whole year of Tot has passed us by, but this story can be saved, and prolly should be just for the sake of closure (I bet it could be wrapped up rather quickly). I think the last post should prolly be truncated. It was sorta out of place, in my opinion, and I do believe the Just Bad tag applies to it.Arrow Reply

draggy1234, Aug 24, 2006 09:34


Yeah, it was an interesting storyline progressing during that time, the way I see it, and it would be nice to actually finish up stories instead of leaving them. When you mean closure, are you saying that you'll write up the ending in one huge last post?Arrow Reply

MintMan, Aug 24, 2006 11:26

No Big Posts

Tot wasn't built on epic posts; just smaller ones. With as intricate as its plot was (or was not), it could prolly be finished up in another page, if focused towards ending it rather than continuation.

I just had a few ideas for making the other world more other-worldly instead of just... another earth. What kind of other dimension is that? Other than that, I was gonna stay outta Tot as I had been.Arrow Reply

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