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May 22, 2005

Jadis became a bit alarmed. She had no idea that her aunt had informed other people of the new world. Frankly, she was a bit surprised to have found out about it herself. It was sheer luck that she stumbled upon the aunt's old notes regarding the location. Jerome, of course, took her reaction as a response to the proposal of a "new land".

"Yeah, I know it sounds a bit crazy," he admitted, "I'll drop you off before checking it out." Jadis played coy.

"No... no, it sounds like ... fun." Jerome raised a brow. "Yeah... I think I'll tag along with you for that." She did feel a little bad about playing this kind stranger, but she really needed to get out of "here". He seemed to already know her aunt, which was an easy way to get in with her, and already had knowledge of this place's existence. Aside from that, she knew what lied in the other realm, and Jerome might serve as added protection if not a distraction.

As they rolled on in silence, a sign lit up in the headlights. It wouldn't be long until they reached Thomsville. It was only a few miles away

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May 25, 2005


"Hey! Hey, Jadis! We're here, kid!"

Jadis felt her side being jabbed and awoke reluctantly. Before her was Thomasville-which wasn't that different from her hometown. Just a few crumbling houses, maybe one vandalized convenient store, and that archaic all the other towns on the Amber Plains, this one, too, was utterly lifeless.

Jerome's car had been parked in front of a house. It was one of the few here with glass on the window panes, or a door still on its hinges. As Jerome strode out of the car, Jadis began to wonder if he came from the plains. Maybe he had some secret he was running away from, too. Why else would someone seek adventure?

Nevertheless, Jadis dragged her things out of the car and followed after Jerome. She swelled with anticipation as Jerome knocked upon the door..

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Jun 9, 2005

…And that anticipation slowly faded to disappointment as nobody answered the door after repeated knocking by Jerome.

“Guess she’s not home,” he commented. Then he tried to open the door and was surprised to find out it was unlocked all along. “Wha?…”

Jadis meanwhile tried to look in through the windows, but they were covered in too much dust. Giving up, she turned to see Jerome stepping into the house.

“H-Hey, wait!” she called out. “Are you sure it’s OK to just walk in to somebody’s house when nobody is home?”

“I’m sure everything will be all right,” Jerome responded. “We can just get in, rest until someone comes, and then explain everything.”

“Oh…okay,” Jadis said, as she followed him into the house.

The inside was not much more appealing than the outside. Dust lined much of the few pieces of furniture scattered around the place. It was just a one-story house, with only three rooms to it. There was one room with a neatly made bed and a blanket draped over it, most likely the bedroom. Another room had a rather rusty sink, oven, and stove, making it seem like the kitchen. Finally, the main room had a bench wide enough for three, a couple of stray wooden chairs lying around, and a wooden table. The table was curiously more recently used than the rest of the furniture, for it lacked the lining of dust. Jadis guessed that whoever lived in the house was probably working on something on the table, although what it exactly was she didn’t have a clue about. She decided to leave her stuff on the table and then go sit down on the bench.

Jerome had gone to take a quick look through and around the house, and came to sit with Jadis a few minutes later. A bit uncomfortable with waiting in silence, Jadis decided to probe the young man’s knowledge.

“So…what is this ‘new land’ you talked about?” she asked.

“Huh? Well…I don’t really know too much about it, myself,” Jerome answered. Then his eyes lit up as he continued, “But that’s what makes it sound like an adventure, doesn’t it? The fact that the land is a mystery and can be explored.”

“I see…” Jadis said. Then she asked, “Is there any reason why you are looking for adventure?”

“Heh, I just want to spice up my life, that’s all,” Jerome replied. “Otherwise, everything would just be too boring, you know what I mean?”

Jadis nodded, although she wasn’t too sure whether to take his explanation at face value. Then again, she wasn’t sure whether Jerome knew about the dangers present in the other realm when he mentioned his idea of adventure.

Just then, the two were startled by the sounds of someone opening the door

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Jun 12, 2005

A figure donning a black suit crept through the door and jumped when he saw the pair already in the house. The suit was not formal wear or in any sense dress but more of a uniform or jump suit, complete with a black cap and dark glasses.

"What are you two doing in here?" he snapped with some authority. Jerome took a side step closer to Jadis, putting his arm around her.

"We live here, what do you think?" he sharply retorted, attempting to make himself and Jadis look like a couple of some kind. Despite the shades, he could feel the doubting glance from the entering man. "So, just who are you, and what are you doing here?"

"Well, sir," the mysterious individual answered with a cruel tone, "I received a... complaint from this location. I am just assuring that everything is within order."

"Funny," Jerome inquired, eyeing the man suspiciously, "you don't look like a cop." The man lost more of his patience.

"You live here, you say?" he dodged the question. "Sure are letting things slide around here. This place is a mess."

"We just got back from a long trip," Jerome coldly stated as the two exchanged a fierce stare, each knowing the other was lying. "We haven't had time to tidy up is all."

"Okay, sir," the man in black said, turning to leave, "if everything is in order, I guess I can leave you be." Jerome made sure the suspicious person left the property. When he got to the street, a black van picked him up and drove off. When the door opened for his entry, Jerome could see several other men, identical in garb to the one, inside. Before the door closed, the man a circling motion with his finger.

"I have a bad feeling about this, Jadis," Jerome admitted, squinting through a patch he rubbed on the dirty window. "A bad feeling in a good way." Turning around, he looked about to find himself alone. "Jadis?" A faint light could be seen emitting from the next room. Concerned, he dashed to it to find his passenger leaning over one of her opened briefcases. He could not make out anything in the room except for the darkness and a growing light. "Jadis!" As he threw his hand upon her shoulder, a bright ball of light consumed both of them. When his eyes adjusted themselves, he saw that they were not where they were before

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Jun 17, 2005

Trees towered high over Jadis and Jerome's heads. Unlike Amber Plains, the air around them smelt and tasted fresh. A pristine lake up ahead glittered from the streaming moonlight, reflecting the duo's image with the clarity of a mirror.

" this the place?" Jerome, despite his outgoing manner, could only whisper in awe. Somehow, every object glowed faintly.

Jadis glanced around herself; all her luggage had been left behind. "Yeah...I brought us here," she replied softly. "I've always had one half of this jewel, aunt had the other half, I guess." She sounded modest, but in truth she knew far much more about the jewel. Her parents would hide it from her, because she knew so much...

"Oh, that's right. That woman mentioned a jewel. Said she could take me, but it would be risky." Risky indeed, Jadis thought. "Well, nothing can go wrong now! Let's go." With that, the fearless Jerome began to walk. Jadis almost protested his carelessness, but she realized there would be no point. She followed, with no doubt in her mind that trouble lurked closeby.

As they passed the lake, the man in black stared up at them from the water's surface...

** There is still more to this story. Continue to the next page. **

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