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Jan 30, 2006

Dear Steve,

There isn't a day that I don't think about you. Those long summer nights spent outside, laughing or watching the stars while holding your hand. The days at the market sharing snow cones. How you'd always surprise me just showing up and whisking me away to a magical time...

You've been gone for almost a year now, and I've written to you, first everyday, then every week, and now every month, with no reply. Steve if you wanted me to stop sending these letters, I know you would have asked for your pendant back, the one that you gave me to keep safe because inside was the most important thing to you. I never opened it, just like you asked.

This war that you are fighting, I know you are out there to keep the danger away from me and your family, but Steve, I want you out of danger too. A lot can happen in a year, and it has; I'm sure you'll agree. I'm sure you are already a hero with your own men, even considering all those sparring matches "you let me win."

It's not the same without you, Steve. Father has forbade me from my swordsmanship and wants me to focus on finding a man "who's brain is his biggest muscle." Mother wants me to go out and find a job "fit for a woman and not just 'witching' around all day."

This is the final letter that I'm sending you, Steve. I'm hoping that we'll have our arms wrapped around each other before you get it. I'm not naive, I know that the war is far from over, but I'm going out there to find you. I want to, no I have to know that you are ok. I'm bringing the pendant with me, for its the one keepsake that reminds me of you.

Raise hell each time you raise your sword, Steve,

Your Violet Eyed Valkyrie,


In the first rays of the rising light, the white haired adolescent hit the back of her fists together, then wiped up the back of one hand and into a symbol of a bird as she thrust he arms from her heart forward and to the sky. Her letter was absorbed into one palm and out the other flew a familiar, this one a double winged robin, with the standard "message" symbol visible upon its apricot chest. As it took to the sky she retrieved her bag and sword from the ground, giving chase to ave that was heading straight to her love.

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Feb 13, 2006

"Amelin!" The sudden call startled the girl, nearly toppling her over. "What in the boundless blazes do you think you're away to at this hour, child?" The old woman, still wearing her night gown, glowered at the runaway with a wrinkling face which only worsened as the gaze worsened.

"Why, I'm just going for... a walk," Amelin lied, accompanied by some wide arm movements mocking a stroll.

"That's an awful lot you got there for a just 'a walk,' dear," frowned the hag. "Seems like you got some runnin' on your mind. I don't think your father would approve of that, especially since he wants to introduce you to someone special today." The last words were sung in a flowery song, clashing with her earlier demeanor. Amelin's heart sank deep into a pit of sorrow. Even with how much fake cheer she was masking her feelings with, her smile came out a little flat.

"Oh, yes... the banker's son... I've heard such... good things about him," she strained to speak while keeping her lips high.

"Oh, yes, dear. Now, he's a keeper. He's much more suited for you than that horrible Stephen was," enthusiastically swooned the matron. "You might want to rethink that walk. You wouldn't want to be less than perfect for your first impression." Ignoring all the screaming voices of rational thought, the girl slowly began to return to her home, her prison, and her doom. "Of course, who knows what excitement this stunning, young lad might get you into," boldly declared the woman. "Why, you might just need the practice to keep up with him. Maybe you should go on that walk." The false grin turned into an authentic one as Amelin's eyes widened with hope. "And don't worry about your mother," the hag added with a wink. "I never saw you, although, I am hurt you tried to leave without at least telling me bye."

"Thanks, Grandma," the violet eyed vixen whispered, knowing her joy was thanks enough. Hoisting the sack back across her shoulder, she started darting down the road once again. Shielding her eyes from the sun's beams, she spotted the falling glimmers left by the messenger spell's trail and followed wherever it led her

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Mar 4, 2006

By dumb luck, the Rashi had caught Stephen without his sword as they snuck past the sentry on a night raid. Immediately he sprung from his sleeping bag, smacking the closest one outright to the floor with his pillow.

"Be wary, brothersz, he plansz to pound usz with hisz pillow!" one of the lanky monstrosities joked as its comrade lay dazed on the floor. The next swing was easily caught, with the closet hairy arm. "A flawed sztrategy."

"Can't argue that one," Steve agreed as his dagger he always slept with plunged into the stomach of the pillow-snatcher "but this one should at least be more enjoyable." Swiping the saber from the dying beast's hand he added "Doubly so."

The remaining four charged, slicing open the tent as Stephen rolled to the side, stabbing the dazed one in the eye while shanking one of his assailants' ankles. The two blades came down as he crossed his weapons together thus forming a collision of sharp metal over his head. Stephen shot up to the side as he snapped the wrist holding his dagger around to stab a Rashi's hand, disarming it. Steve stopped short of another swing as the sound of countless unsheathed swords came from around the tent. His cavalry, the entire camp, was awake. His opponents still alive barred their fangs, but surrendered to the overwhelming force.

As they were led off, Stephen examined his attacker's weapon: the hilt was actually carved out of rock while the serrated blade was still made out the usual unknown metal the Rashi brandished. Though crude, there was a certain beauty about its craftsmanship. "I know just the girl who would love to get her hands on this." He laid the weapon down next to his own as he straightened out his sleeping bag. "I feel like I left her and the entire world behind.

**** This story is still being written. You, too, can contribute to it by writing the next installment. ****

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