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MintMan, Mar 18, 2006 13:48

Search Curse?

No Battling Dragons story has ever been able to duplicate the success of The Search. Recent attempts simply draw no interest at all. Is it because of the previous flops or what?Arrow Reply

Foshi, Mar 18, 2006 16:04

Re: Search Curse?

Speaking as an old-timer who's never been social, I think people either don't know how to jump in, or are afraid to "bunny" off people they aren't familiar with.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Mar 18, 2006 16:17

Re: Re: Search Curse?

I guess that's why they are allowed to introduce their own characters (or they can just play it safe with other's characters, such as not trying to explain ultimate intricacies of the characters).

I mean, it's not exactly like people don't have their own characters to work from in it. Every account comes with one standard.Arrow Reply

Zedd, Mar 18, 2006 18:53

Re: Re: Re: Search Curse?

But not everyone actually thinks about the character of their characters, if you like. I mean, anyone can spontaneously create one, but the ones you and Gobbo use seem very intricate, whereas most of the other characters have just been stereotypes...Arrow Reply

MintMan, Mar 18, 2006 19:02

Mama Mia!

There's no problem with stereotypes! Well, there is... they tend to be bland and uninteresting... but they are easy for everybody to work with. Just look at Search. You just need a few shiners and then some generic blokes to do the grunt work. Seems like a winning combination to me!

These character control issues never popped up in RoR, AtP, or any other time...Arrow Reply

Zedd, Mar 18, 2006 19:46

Good Point

Though, in RoR, you could make anyone do anything, just for funny value. I don't know about AtP, though. They never seemed to be a problem in FoY or PI either, for all those two didn't really work, so something else must be going on... Maybe it's the fact that there is a huge disparity in writing ability between you and Gobbo and everyone else on the site? Since you two have basically created every BD RP since Pitiful Incantation... Though that's grasping at straws...Arrow Reply

MintMan, Mar 18, 2006 22:23

Bad Point :p

How many BD RPs have we made? To Hell (if it even counts) and Phalanx Limit? Not really that many...

Gobbs and I aren't better than everyone else, either. We just write more than they do, so our names come to mind when thinking of RE RPs.Arrow Reply

wyvernofab, Apr 22, 2006 18:19

Re: Re: Search Curse?

I think the problem is that many people are afraid they'll ruin the storyline/characters. It's sometimes hard to feed off others as they may have ideas that you are utterly and completely screwing up. Even worse, there are the people who don't care, and go ahead to scrudge up a storyline.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Apr 22, 2006 19:18

Did you even try reading the rest of this thread?

Okay, you raised a ton of flags.

First, there should never be a preplanned storyline to an IAS. Anyone can change it at any time so long as it makes sense.

That being said, there is a reporting system in place so that malicious or exceptionally crappy posts can be removed as to not stink up the storyline, so the storyline is unscrudgable.

Lastly, an author can always add a new character if they feel uncomfortable writing for someone else's. Don't know why they would, tho'. The only things you can really mess up are making them act in wild contradiction to how they have in the story thus far (which, if you have read a story, should not be a problem) or define something about their past. Futures are wide open, but when someone tries to introduce the ghost of a character's brother who died in a fire caused by the character's budding pyrokinesis... then you got a problem.Arrow Reply

wyvernofab, Apr 22, 2006 20:00

Re: Did you even try reading the rest of this thread?

The clarification is appreciated.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Mar 25, 2006 12:28


What's the dealio? I can understand why all of the RPeX is inactive (well, actually I can't seeing as how all of the authors are still visiting regularly -- just not adding), but why is it that the story that gets the least reads from BD members is... you guessed it -- Key of Ages. I mean, it has "BD" in its title. Is that hurting it or something?Arrow Reply

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