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Zedd, Jan 3, 2007 13:58

The end?

I beleive it's my turn. I shall get to it later on, possibly even today. However, if we are going to end this one and make a sequel, I think it should probably only have one or two more posts in it, maybe to make the kid change into what he has to become and for Zedd to either change as well or to somehow master his problem (Well, he's smart, he would have come prepared for huge power... Though I don't know how it'd work). But yeah, what do the rest of you think?Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jan 3, 2007 17:17

End and Sequel

It is hard tellin' if a sequel will come now. It would need something dramatic for that to occur, and originally, it was supposed to be the acquisition of the Key, but... that didn't pan out. Things are also getting too complicated to start a story with a fresh slate. The original idea was for the lich to be defeated and all characters but the Key-seekers to be rooted out.

Unless something else happens, methinks this will just continue as is and become the most giantest story in RE history.Arrow Reply

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