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Zedd, Mar 19, 2006 00:18


OK, he's Zedd, tall, thin, cloaked wanderer guy with a dai-sho and a bamboo staff. Quick, but never appears to move fast, not particularly solid. Values subtlety over raw power. Very quiet, very proper when he does talk. Familiar is Dai-Sho (Kamaitachi weasel), who is more colloquial in his speech. Note that it isn't the Zedd from The Search, who was way too overpowering. Sorry I didn't explain him more in the actual story.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Mar 19, 2006 00:32


Well, you could have edited an OOC in, I guess, but this works, too. I was wondering what we should call him. I was just going to generically refer to him as "the traveler" as a knod to his once time-warping powers.Arrow Reply

Zedd, Mar 19, 2006 20:15

Oh, another note

Clothing = Blue haori (like a shirt version of a kimono), brown-grey cloak, silvery vambraces and black trousers.

Once again, because he isn't really a known character and I didn't explain it in my post.Arrow Reply

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