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MadGoblin, Dec 20, 2006 14:03

Ho... Ly...

This... was awesome. I didn't write it. Ems didn't write it. Zedd didn't write it, either. This was some new fourth person. So, what I'm basically saying is awesome.Arrow Reply

Zedd, Dec 21, 2006 02:51


I didn't think it sounded like either of you... A fourth author? Someone has begun to pay attention to KOA? It's NOT actually Mai in disguise?Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Dec 21, 2006 07:13


That truth can never be known. Frankly, I'm waiting for the day when it turns out Crazy-M was actually Ems, and then my brother pulls off a rubber mask to reveal that he's been her for the past twenty odd years.

It'll happen. Count on it.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 21, 2006 10:39

It's true!

I am such a sexist!!!

It is true, however. No, not me secretly being a woman -- an insane and mildly, wildly stupid one at that. A fourth author has arrived! Check-check out the info page if ya don't believe me. Gobbs and I may have seventy percent of this story's posts, but there are two whole other authors controlling the other odd three-tenths.

It is just what KoA needed to help throw in some fresh ideas!Arrow Reply

Zedd, Dec 22, 2006 06:20


Hmm... I thought I had posted more than all of that, but apparently not. But yeah, four authors. We finally reach the recommended minimum... Right near the end of the story :P.Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Dec 22, 2006 12:33

Not Really Off

It's not like you were skimping any, Z-man. The 70% is basically just 66%, or 2/3rds, which is how the three author split would go abouts anywise. Heck, I might be that spare third. I don't know if I kept up with the rotation definitively, truthfully o_O

These comments need to utilize the emoticon system...Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 30, 2006 05:39

(No Subject)

You know, this story reminds me of a series of books in the Dragonlance chronicles, the Legends Trilogy (by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman). This story entails two brothers, Raistlin and Caramon, and Raistlin's journey to achieve godhood...but yeah similar story, (Raistlin has hour glass eyes too)... >.> <.<Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 30, 2006 11:57

Legends Trilogy

Hope there are more similarities than that. Otherwise, any story in which a character quests for any sort of power would be comparable.

The Key really isn't any form of godhood, either. No one'll frickin' say what any of the other artifacts do! (Other than the Blade of Ages.) Far as we know, they could all really suck. I kinda figured each new character (XD) would state which particular artifact they were trying to unlock. And the Blade of Ages just kills stuff good, so that is far from godliness as well.

Strange, tho', that one of the authors shares her name with Galatea's gryphon...Arrow Reply

Zedd, Dec 30, 2006 18:12


Well, I would have done so, but I actually don't know what Zedd wants. Maybe he heard that the Black Cauldron had been found and he's out for an artefact to remove it...?Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 30, 2006 18:35

Dark Cauldron

Remove the Dark Cauldron?! Remove it from what, may I ask? Geirrek?

I really wish I would have had Galatea explain more about the Terrible Summoning when it was first mentioned, but that post was already droning on so with explanation...

So you want Zedd's big purpose to be... Geirrek? Makes sense as to why he'd be traveling with him, but why would the Dark Cauldron be so important to Zedd (aside from the whole boring saving-the-world angle), and how exactly would he have heard about it? There could very well be a good explanation, but we know absolutely nothing about Zedd!Arrow Reply

Zedd, Dec 30, 2006 20:43


I don't want it to be Geirrek... But I'm having trouble thinking of anything else it could be. I know we know nothing of Zedd. I was tossing around making him originally from some Japanese mystic organisation (probably invented) that he fell out of grace with because he didn't beleive in the standard death-is-the-way approach, and that he was searching for the Key so as to find an artefact to make himself immortal... But then he hinted that he needed it for some important purpose. And I don't think even he thinks personal immortality is an important cause... I'd go on more, but this comment is already too big.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 30, 2006 23:35

Re: Well...

Actually, that sounded pretty cool. If he did desire immortality -- if anyone did, for that matter -- I think they would, by default, consider it important. Zedd did mention, too, that people wanted to keep him from obtaining the Key. And that it was more important for himself to get it than it was for Geirrek, too (at least in his view).

Sorry for makin' him say stuff, but by the fifth page, some indication as to why he was there was sorta needed.Arrow Reply

Zedd, Dec 31, 2006 18:35


But it don't really matter that you made him say stuff. Anyway, perhaps it should be that he was tossed out of his... Group because he found some information that he wasn't supposed to find (i.e, that someone had found the Dark Cauldron), and that he wanted immortality to survive what he saw as the coming apocalypse, and to have the power to perhaps remove either Geirrek or the spell from his mind, so the whole boring 'save the world' business becomes a secondary to his personal safety? I think that all fits, does it not? The only thing I don't quite know about is how he intends to not be killed by the Blade of Ages once he's immortal...Arrow Reply

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