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Zedd, Aug 18, 2006 02:12


I'm getting on my own nerves (let alone yours!) with what seem to me extremely obvious questions, but I assume the first "And what are your reasons" was Zedd?

Totally unrelated, I like the way this is all tying in to the Search...Arrow Reply

MintMan, Aug 18, 2006 10:02

Search for the Voice

Well, it isn't supposed to be in the same continuity as Search since there were a lot of people (and problems) in it different from now, but Search did have the default Battling Dragons universe thrown into it (such as Whisper, which in the RPG is the equivalent of a Light-based Shadow Blast) and the general rules of how familiars operate.

And no, the first "And what are your reasons" was not Zedd. If you recall, he was very far away. Plus, if Zedd said it, why would Entropy repeat it? If you recall, a similar situation happened a few posts back.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Aug 18, 2006 10:06

"Barkeeper's" Son

If you are wondering just who he is supposed to be, he isn't anyone. He is meat. He is completely malleable and really only introduced now so it would actually mean something when he is inevitably killed or maimed or given a robot arm or some other wacky twist.

So go ahead and beat him over the head with the wooden plan of interactivity! He deserves it!Arrow Reply

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