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Zedd, Aug 12, 2006 21:23


I was kinda hoping for some more help for the pair of 'em, but that's OK... However, it strikes me as a little odd that Zedd suddenly became more knowledgeable than Geirrek...Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Aug 12, 2006 22:02

That's new?

Wasn't he always portrayed as the smarter of the duo? I mean, the recasting of the divination spell behind the corner?Arrow Reply

MintMan, Aug 12, 2006 23:59

I second that

I think Zedd has always been the smarter. Geirrek is sometimes portrayed as down-right ridiculous, and that sorta person is never the brains.

And in order to get more help, we would probably need more authors, which... will never happen, apparently.Arrow Reply

Zedd, Aug 13, 2006 00:27

Re: I second that

Yes, yes, I got his mental/logic capacity being a little higher, but not his knowledge of magic and potions and stuff. But, whatever. At least now we might have four authors if whoever wrote this decides to stick around...Arrow Reply

MintMan, Aug 13, 2006 02:06

Re: Re: I second that

... uh, this was 'Snaff again, Zedd. Thus why I just stated that we would never get another author in just the previous post. This ship is sinkin' with three aboard.

And I don't really think Zedd had any magical or potional knowledge in this post. He just had his normal inexplicable know-how and reasoning about what effect should happen and what would be revealed. Potion knowledge would involve brewing or what the mechanics behind its operation were.Arrow Reply

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