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MintMan, Jul 2, 2006 23:41

New Teammate?

With Grackle on the dark side, the good guys are now seriously overpowered. Hel, the three of them had a hard enough time taking on the ancient dwarf and golem! Now they are one man short. Whatever will they do...Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Jul 4, 2006 08:38

Potential Energy

IMO, I think that the familiars should just get more screen time... computer screen, that is >_>

Entropy and Dai have the ability to be awesome characters, which is normally something that seems missing from a BD story. We have battles in lots of posts, now how about the battles? On top of that, do G'n'Z have more than just those familiars?

Far be it from me to decide whether someone else wants to get thrown into the mix or not, of course, I'm just saying.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jul 4, 2006 12:54


Even with the familiars, that is still only four characters on the good-guy side -- a drop from seven back when Grackle was with them.

I think Zedd said that his Ryu was not in this story (at least not yet), and thus far, Geirrek has not even hinted as to having other familiars. I sorta held off on them in case anyone else joined in, thus preventing a doubled-up species (like Search and its three Tatzelwurms).

Still, I think more characters make for a better story when as deficient as KoA is now.Arrow Reply

Zedd, Jul 5, 2006 07:34


Well, I never said Shug' wasn't in it - I just never said he was. That said, one familiar apiece seems to have worked well so far.

Though I agree about the extra characters. We could use some more authors, too, since now I'm back at school I have almost no time to add (sorry about that, I'll see what I can do this weekend).

Also, I've hinted at it before (the whole staff-floaty business), but do you think Zedd should have some form of magic, meteormancy perhaps? Or should he just be a very learned swordsman?Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jul 5, 2006 10:40


I thought he already did have magic; just never really showed us what kind (oh, that secretive Zedd!) other than the magically appearing swords and the disappearing act I made him do against the golem (trying to keep it low-key combat stuff as per the swords; didn't wanna make him do the "traditional" fantasy magic of just shooting gobs of stuff).

Plus, Grackle had two familiars, so you really can't say the one familiar dynamic has worked thus far when there has been a two familiar dynamic as well.

Yeah, new authors. That'll happen never! Arrow Reply

Zedd, Jul 5, 2006 14:53

All good then

Sounds good - I thought he did too. Just that some of the posts made insinuate magic and some insinuate lack of it.

Yeah, leave the traditional fantasty-mage stuff to Geirrek, let Zedd have the odd subtle twisty stuff.

Raph is a familiar? OK, that one I didn't see... However, that makes much more sense than whatever my previous explanation was.Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Jul 5, 2006 17:40


I don't even know what that could be! For your benefit, we'll pretend you always thought the Strong Toad was a familiar :P

Whaddaya mean "leave the traditional fantasty-mage stuff to Geirrek"? Has anyone used traditional fantasy magic yet? There's been weapons charged with magical energies, deflecting screens, sundering somethings-that-I-forget-what-I-even-made-it, and so on. I had a point somewhere here, but I forget what it was. So, ...

Hey everyone! Zedd didn't know that Raph was a familiar. Let's all pay attention to his flaws instead of mine >_>Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jul 5, 2006 22:45

Gale Strike

I do believe that Geirrek has summoned a Gale Strike spell in the form of a mighty wind at least once thus far. That, or he used an Ice Sickle.

I was largely mockingly referring to the "traditional" magics, as most of the stories thus far have used a very Final Fantasy approach to magic with it simply being related to an element and using that element strictly for offense -- which Geirrek doesn't do (strictly).Arrow Reply

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