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Zedd, May 13, 2006 02:17


Ummm... Is it fair to assume that Geirrek would carry something to heal wounds, seeing that he is an apothecary? Or is that another video-game misconception?Arrow Reply

MintMan, May 13, 2006 13:31

Re: Apothecary

Apothecaries make potions. They do not necessarily have to be healing, but they usually aren't alchemical sorts. Typically, they are more natural than attempting to transmute nature.

If you remember your Romeo and Juliet, the apothecary is the one that made their poison. They are not always healthy brews...

As far as Geirrek is concerned, he would be more of a curer than a healer. Healers make stories too simple; then all the wounds would be near meaningless. Could they recover with time and preparation? Probably, but not with a magic elixer, that's for sure.Arrow Reply

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