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MadGoblin, Apr 29, 2006 16:10

FMC: Pyrallis

For the Mythologically Challenged: Pyrallis probably demands a FMC more than anything in the story as of yet as it is one o' those super rare, super freaky, easily-cofused with something else monsters. Additionally, it isn't really a monster.

Off in the copper furnaces in the kingdom of Cyprus, a strange fiery bug lives within the flames. These four-legged insects, yes, four legged as opposed to the typical six, would shortly die if removed from their extreme enviroment. Aside from that, nothing is really said about them. They are just smoldering hot and need to be kept that way. Heat is their weapon.

A moth was choosen as their representative real-life counterpart as their name is also used in an Order of corn-boring moths.

They are also called Pyrausta, which isn't even worth using as an alternative as... well, it's just not too different.Arrow Reply

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