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Blade, Aug 7, 2007 04:58


just wondering what the timespan for creating this post was? how long did it take or how long does it take on average...and any reccommendations on how long we should be taking? (not sure if this belongs here or in authors and artists)Arrow Reply

MintMan, Aug 7, 2007 08:26


Well, obviously if you are referring to this post, you should be discussing it under *shock* this post's discussion.

If you were referring to any post in general, then you would put it under Authors and Artists.

I didn't write this consistently; the time was broken up over a coupla days. I would say an hour with a lot of backtracking and pausing to think of funnier things to insert.

On average, a good post takes about an hour between writing and proofchecking. Shorter ones (one screen full, which is the traditional measurement) should only take about a half hour.Arrow Reply

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