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Blade, Dec 14, 2006 21:10


This is the new cyberpunk/post-apocalypse story, that we all need to start with...and the big's different ;) hope you enjoyArrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 22, 2006 18:00

No big things!

I would just like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that when you make a new story, you can make plans, but you shouldn't. They can be shot down in an instant by other authors.

This is especially true when you don't have anything to even limit the possibilities of the story. Technically, someone could have made Falken time-travel to stop the Apocalypse!

Wrench in your plans then, huh, Blade?Arrow Reply

Zepheron666, Jan 6, 2007 00:03


Alright, so I'm not vet or anything but I was going to add to 'Apocalypse Revisited' because it sounded interesting and I wouldn't mind writing a little bit. Quick questions though (if this even goes somewhere):

1. Can you add an additional character into the story? Not saying that every post I would add in a new character, but I feel like a character would help flesh out the story, is that alright to figure in said new character?

I would add to the story now, but I need that question answered. Also, I don't really have any ideas on where I would take it next, as to I haven't posted yet and it seems like it would be up to the main posters to add a next part. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that, but I just don't want to make a big mistake or anything.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jan 6, 2007 00:15

Re: Additions

Yes, characters can be added. The environment is interactive; pretty much, as long as you are not creating a plot hole or something inappropriate (such as an over-the-top comical relief character), yeah, you can make a new character.

I'd go for a bad guy, if you don't have any ideas already. A good bad guy makes any story work.Arrow Reply

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