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Blade, Jan 13, 2007 22:27

newest addition

Well, that was waaaay too long in coming. But it's finally here, so what d'you think?Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jan 14, 2007 10:55


I think you shouldn't used a text editor that inserts line breaks automatically. The thing looks hideous -- edit that. I mean, every line is being automatically indented, and some of them are only a word or two long.

Yeah, Wordpad or Textpad is prolly what you should use. Fancy things not only typically result in crap like this when you copy, but they also usually result in unsafe characters.

Other than the formatting, it reads rather well. Dunno if an addition under a thousand words should have taken so long to write, but good regardless.Arrow Reply

Blade, Jan 16, 2007 08:09

Re: Formattin'!

Heh, that or I don't know how to paragraph. And it didnt really take long per se... it was the getting around to writing it..aye

Oh, I see it now, there was a bit of swapping betwen Notepad and Word, which screwed the text around (for those unfamilar Notepad does not have text wrapping, or if it does, mine isnt enabled)Arrow Reply

Battalon127, Jan 16, 2007 10:00

Re: Re: Formattin'!

Notepad doesn't word wrap txt documents by default, but it can be enabled under the options.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jan 16, 2007 10:04


Well, it has wrapping, but whenever copied and brought elsewhere, it turns "wrapping" into hard line breaks, which is why Wordpad is the superior pad.

I guess a way to avoid this is to turn off wrapping before copying out of Notepad.Arrow Reply

Battalon127, Jan 16, 2007 17:20

Re: Notepad

Interesting. But why use a text editor at all? Since saving and such exist in REWS, wouldn't it be simpler to just use the REWS interface. Firefox even spell-checks just like Word does.Arrow Reply

Blade, Jan 17, 2007 02:42

Re: Re: Notepad

meh, typin' is typin...anyone going to comment on the post?? ^^Arrow Reply

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