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MintMan, Dec 22, 2006 14:57

Momentum, Meet Wall

Really sort of a momentum killer ya got there. The second post just gave this story a gritty, cold, harsh sorta feel to it when all the sudden a li'l girl comes by and becomes the entire focus of the story. Not only that, but the entire tone changes with an empathic third person.

I mean, I am not against Li or her addition; I just think such a young story should't have been rocked so hard when it was still just finding its way. Maybe if future posters heed the old distant-and-cruel approach when dealing with the other characters and then make a very overt and voluntary switch to the fluffier speech associated with Li, it'll work.

I mean, am I the only one that noticed this stuff here?Arrow Reply

Shinyumo, Dec 22, 2006 15:35

Re: Momentum, Meet Wall

No, the author seems to have noticed it as well, looking at that there OOC. Mmm...Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 22, 2006 15:51

Re: Re: Momentum, Meet Wall

Yes, and suddenly the ruthless killers are all nice and listen to a child, that knows how to ride a motorbikeArrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 22, 2006 17:52


Y'know, if you have a problem, just Report it. The function exists for a reason, after all.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 22, 2006 17:56

Don't defend it

Just because the author acknowledged a problem doesn't mean they have liberty to go ahead with it. If they realized it was "too RPish", the post should have been written to be less RPish and more like --shock-- the story to which it was being added!

People write differently -- different people do, and a single person can change his or her style when writing different pieces. The REWS is supposed to help writers in both of these areas, but what can be done when someone realizes the mistake and goes ahead with it anyway?Arrow Reply

Shinyumo, Dec 22, 2006 18:29

Re: Don't defend it

Ah. Yeah, I see your point. In any case, what do you do about the post now? Leave it and hope the author improves? Delete it so the story can continue? Wait for the author to come and edit/rewrite it?Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Dec 22, 2006 18:42

Purdy Much

That's the jist of it. Either grudge it out (like with what happened a good many times in RoR), wipe it clean (like with in High Time), or what wait for a change (like, well, again, in High Time).Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 23, 2006 01:11

Re: Purdy Much

I have a feeling if we delete it, the story will die...but go ahead people..Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 23, 2006 02:00


Why exactly would either of you assume that there is some sort of delete function lying around, waiting to be activated at the slightest displeasure of some unknown higher power?

There isn't -- not even close. Wasn't even one in BW or the forums, either. The only way anything in the REWS can be deleted is for plot holes or intensional malice.

Anything else will just result in the suggestion for improvement. This author took said suggestion, luckily, and made the story a whole lot more kick-awesome.Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 24, 2006 05:14

Re: Deletion?

ahh...good...i thought it was an auto deletion i refrainedArrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 24, 2006 11:20


Auto-delete? I don't even understand how one would thing that'd work. There's no voting anymore, so what exactly would weigh upon deleted adds and surviving ones?Arrow Reply

Blade, Dec 23, 2006 01:16


I hope the characters sort out their differences....don't want this story going KoA....Arrow Reply

MintMan, Dec 23, 2006 01:57

Going KoA

Don't much appreciate the comparison, but this story won't go "KoA" if it actually gets characters. KoA's problem was that no one ever added characters to it, and Gobbs made the genius decision to turn Grackle heel. Add in the fact that Zedd is too mysterious to do anything, and the entire show was pretty much run by Geirrek -- not interesting.

I expect this story to go the AtP route -- good, evil, and all the loverly 'tweeners!Arrow Reply

Zedd, Dec 23, 2006 06:48

Re: Going KoA

Yeah, well... I can't help but make mysterious characters. I tried to depart from that here. But that was how I tried to make it seem in the first post, kinda like AtP. but that the story doesn't have any clearcut 'good' or 'evil' characters... At least, yet...Arrow Reply

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