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Jan 26, 2007

Edited on
Jan 26, 2007

Far above the great city he soared, taking in the whole of its macabre bulk, looking at the rundown black houses and raw, steel-grey towers that now stood largely unused but for the ones used by huge corporations, their sleazy neon signs blazing stark against the darkness of the metropolis’ streets. Rai sighed and swooped towards his destination…

Landing unseen in front of an unremarkable dwelling, the winged one looked sharply around himself, seemingly thinking that some horrible adversary would jump out to challenge him, despite his being all but invisible to most eyes. suddenly, he leapt to one side, using his wings to propel him forwards and landing with a roll a small way ahead of two small craters which smouldered behind him. Shaking his head, Rai walked the one or two paces left towards the door and knocked.

Ten minutes later, he was sitting in a hard chair opposite a bald, bearded giant of a man in a sparse chamber, discussing the equipment he would need, and how much it would cost him.

“What could I get outta y’r network?” The mutant asked

“Not much – maybe plans of the building you want ta get into, employee lists – nothing particularly confidential, which is what you’re gonna need by the sounds of it.

“True. I s’pose that means I’m in for a little infiltration.” The knife-fighter stated.

“Yep. Do ya need any more equipment?” he asked. After Rai was outfitted with additional hacker’s tools, explosives and sharpened knives, he walked gingerly out onto a window and disappeared.

The winged one flew high into the stormy, grey sky, apparently unseen by those below. He soon landed on the balcony of a great tower, another of the weapon broker’s real estate investments. He walked to the door and turned the knob.

“Because these wings are no longer wings to fly, but merely vans to beat the air.” He muttered, quite unlike his usual relaxed mode of speech. This phrase was an old one, but it was also the one he had chosen to identify himself with on Hahn’s rather elaborate security system, reasoning that he had met few other students of such ancient literature. It prevented him being turned into a thin paste the moment he walked through the door. He walked to the computer terminal that was the room inside’s sole occupant and sat down.

Ten minutes later he was gliding towards the meeting place he had agreed on with the biker. He had found both the plans and the employee list, but little more of interest, not even when he searched out Radcliffe’s name. It appeared this man’s death had been somewhat of a contentious issue at the time. The gunsmith being shot by one of his own weapons. Nothing at all that hinted at the tattooed man in the photograph. Not being one to leave anything to chance, the hacker had put all the information he could find on a storage device, now residing in one of his many pockets.

“Took your time.” Falken stated as Rai landed.

“So give me a look at these clothes y’pinched.” The winged one said, ignoring the jibe.

The sword bearer showed him, and after carefully going through the pockets, the knife-fighter examined two cards, one from each set of clothing.

”This one’s a techie. No rank. Looks to be the basic code-slicer. The other guy’s an exec, about the middle of the pile.” He said, gesturing one card then the other.

“Yeah, yeah. Now what do you plan to do with ‘em?” The fighter asked.

“Put that suit over your clothes. I’ll make y’look like this guy.” The illusionist stated, gesturing to the card of the ex-executive. “I’ll go as the tech man. This card oughtta get y’ basically where we need to go. If anyone asks, I’m givin’ y’ a hand wit’ some form of problem. I'll hack the system for information. When we have what we need, which is basically info on who this guy is”, he produced the photograph, “we leave quietly. Yeah?”

His question was answered only by a scowl before the swordsman began pulling the suit over his normal clothing, leaving his coat with his bike. The knife-fighter did the same, then closed his eyes for a moment, and nodded. Rai having already proved his ability to disguise sight and sound to Falken, the biker nodded in turn. With that, the pair walked straight into the building’s front door

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Jan 29, 2007

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Jan 29, 2007

The security guard at the front door, a muscular man wearing a bulletproof vest, asked the duo for some identification, and, as the two were both able to provide it, the guard bowed and opened the doors for them. They were in.

The inside of the building was fairly old looking--nothing unexpected from a building that had been around before the War. Stains dotted the cement floors and equally plain walls, suggesting that the building had not been renovated in quite a long time. Here and there workers in the same sorts of suits that Rai and Falken were wearing shuffled about, but there didn't seem to be too many people. Of course, the two had very little time to take in all of the details; they had to keep moving in order to not seem suspicious.

"Okay, so where are we headed?" mumbled Falken in a low enough voice that only Rai could hear.

"From where we are, we're gonna turn around a couple corridors and pass through the second security check. After that, we'll be in the security division. Y'll pretend that I need ta fix one of the computers, and then we'll grab the information and go. Simple." Falken nodded and the two continued to walk along in complete silence.

It was when they turned around the final corridor and the security check was in sight that they ran into their first bit of trouble.

"You there," said a woman's voice from behind them as she tapped the sword wielder on the shoulder, "I've never seen you around this part of the department. Are you new?" Falken's face betrayed his surprise but only for a split second. By the time he turned around, he had managed to regain his composure.

"No, this technician here is though," responded the sword-wielder coolly, motioning towards the winged one, "I just had some time off, so I thought I'd show him the way to his next job and get him past the security check."

The questioner, a woman of about her late thirties or early forties with red hair, freckles, square glasses, and a navy blue suit, seemed satisfied, and she smiled as she wandered off about her own business. Falken let out a sigh of relief inside. Ready to resume upon their own business, he and his companion simply walked up to the security check, showed their identification cards to the security guard, and passed through after explaining the situation just as Rai had told him to.

The two then passed through into one of the nearby rooms, another plain room just like the rest of the building almost completely filled with technology. They luckily noted that there were no employees inside.

"Alright, time ta get ta work," said Rai, rubbing his hands together then taking out some of the hacker tools he'd obtained from his friend. The sword-wielder cautiously watched the door, hoping not to have to deal with any more employees. He still wasn't even sure if that last woman had bought his story in whole.

"Hmm...check this out," exclaimed Rai suddenly, though in a low enough voice that no one outside would have been able to hear. Falken immediately went over to the large screen of the computer the knife-wielder was working at and looked.

"Apparently, Triston Radcliffe had been workin' on some side projects that hadn' exactly gone down well with some o' the members o' his company nor his father for that matter. He'd been suspected o' associatin' wi' some company called Salazar Research and Development, which had also been suspected of breachin' some researchin' ethics for who knows what. It's written here that he was killed by one o' the members o' his own corporation. This is no good though. We still don' know anythin' 'bout that picture."

Of course, Falken had zoned out about midway through his partner's speech, his eyes focusing on one name in the employee list on the side of the screen. "Venus...?" he whispered under his breath before his thoughts were cut off by the touch of cold steel to the back of his head.

"Put your hands on your head and turn around slowly," commanded a painfully familiar voice from behind them. The two turned around and obliged, finding that they were both being held at gunpoint by the red-haired woman from earlier. Of course, now that she had a pistol in either hand, she seemed quite a bit more dangerous.

Rai opened his mouth to speak, looking somewhat confused, but the woman cut him off. "A little birdie tipped me off," she explained smiling, unable to resist the taunt.

"Who?" asked the knife-wielder, going through in his mind all the people that they'd brought into the plan. He could only think of a couple contacts that he'd trusted for a rather long time and...Falken, but Falken was being held at gunpoint too, so that didn't make sense.

"I don't think you're in any position to be asking questions," smirked the red-haired one.

"Is there any possible way y' coul' just let us go in peace?"

"Sorry, no, but I do believe I have some information that might be of use to you. You see, I had connections with Mr. Radcliffe back before the War began. Of course, you're going to have to do me a favor in return. I know about your abilities you see."

"Whaddya want?"


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Aug 14, 2007

"...It would seem we are partners now. And partners help each other out dont they?" she stared at Falken, looking over her glasses as she assessed her adversaries.

"I'm not your partner, woman" Falken's eyes flitted towards Rai who stepped forwards at the Biker's remark.

"You'll be excusin' my friend's rudeness, ma'm. What he meant t’say was,

what d'ya require of us?"

The woman lowered her weapons and adjusted her glasses, ever watchful of the duo "I require a certain... Restricted document, stored in the bowels of the central computer at the top of the building, the file name is K231903-6".

Falken seemed to relax, his hand dangling close to the hilt of his sword

"And you can't get them because..?"

"Because the computer is on an isolated network, removed from everything, and only the highest level executives have access to it. You have eight hours to complete the task, at the end of which I will be waiting for you at the Nexus Club" And with that the woman strode out of the room, leaving a somewhat stunned Falken and Rai in her wake.

"How did she see through the illusion?" The swordsman hissed as he watched the woman walking down the passageway.

"I'm not sure. Her glasses, now that I get a look at 'em, look to be some

sorta video-capture device. Whoever's on th' receiving end prolly has some

way've seein' through 'em." The winged man explained.

"So, whadda we do now?" Falken asked pragmatically as he resecured the room.

"We revise our old plan, and I know exactly how t’" Rai turned back to thecomputer, and began to outline the new plan. "'fore we were so rudely interrupted, I stumbled on a meetin' 'tween some of the aforementioned high-level executives that could be worked to our advantage..."

Rai's hands fluttered deftly across the keyboard and a live video feed appeared on the screen. Falken leaned in for a closer look and remarked

"So here are our primary targets, but how can we isolate them for the kill?"

Rai removed a small grey box from his belt, his data utility and connected it to the computer, where a rotating three dimensional map of the facility and surrounding area presented itself on screen alongside the video feed from the meeting.

"Okay, so we’re here" a red blip appeared on the map "and the meetin's where the green marker is, t'wards the top've th' map. Now y'see those two burly-lookin' guys towards the back? They're our targets. I'm gonna bug 'em, while you plan a little... Surprise for 'em." Rai removed his utility from the computer's port and shut it down.

"I got just the right surprise in mind. I'll meet you in 15 minutes, it should be ready by then." Falken stood up and reassumed the pose of a middle level executive.

"Should be enough time. Now we oughtta be gettin' outta here. I'm not sure

why there ain't any heat from the disappearance of our 'friends' th'

techie and th' executive yet. Mayhap our new 'partner' woman has been of

some help to us. In any case, it's time t' leave" .Falken exited first, striding off to the left down the corridor while Rai exited right and headed towards the elevator.

Rai stole swiftly along the maze like corridors until he reached an almost-deserted corridor. What occupants it had seemed not to even acknowledge his presence as he strode into the elevator at the end and set it to level 18. The knife-fighter dug into the pouch attached to his belt and removed a tiny device, about the size of a human eyelash, and held it between his thumb and forefinger. The elevator reached level 18 and with uncanny luck, the two primary targets strode into the elevator. Rai casually flicked the bug onto one of the executive's backs as they turned to stand off to the side. He then made a beeline for the exit and then up some fire escape stairs to the roof, where he headed towards the rendezvous.

Rai swooped towards Falken who, looking up seemed to sense the approach of the winged one.

"Bugged 'em have yeh? I got that surprise ready and waiting to go, so where will the action take place?"

Rai opened his data utility and after keying in various codes, a crisp audio feed came out with the current conversation between the two executives.

"I've got some info on their destination via their conversation as I came here, which indicates ‘em heading t’wards a residence known as th’ Gilded Serpent. D’ya know it?”

Falken's voice took on a disgusted tone and he spat on the ground "Yeah, it's a haven of dressed up scum that have power in the underworld, two blocks east from here."

Falken climbed aboard his bike and started it while Rai flexed his wings

"I happen to know there's a window to the men's room at the back of the building, I want you to wait there and I'll have the executives to you shortly".

Falken entered the darkened bar, gazing around at the many shady booths along the wall, no doubt concealing some dodgy business dealings. At the far end of the bar, nearest the rest rooms his two targets were sitting in a booth speaking in low voices to each other. Being somewhat of a professional at sleight of hand, Falken was able to slip some of his concoction, a minor laxative, into the executives' drinks as they were brought over. Falken, never one to miss an opportunity for booze, took up a position on a bar stool with his usual whiskey while he waited for the laxative to affect the two men. Shortly, the laxative proved to be effective and in somewhat of a hurry, the two men made a beeline for the rest room. Casually, Falken drained his glass, and strolled into the restroom. Once inside, he heated his hand to white hot and melted the door lock into its frame. All this had been done in utter silence, so that when the two executives had finished, neither one expected the pistol whip to the side of the head that knocked them to ground, leaving them to be carefully passed through the window and into the street. Rai and Falken disposed of them neatly down a manhole in the alleyway after swapping identities.

Rai and Falken went back into the building. They made their way uncontested until they once again found themselves alone in the large elevator. Rai plugged his data utility into an outlet in the elevator control panel and hacked the security code for the golden panel of buttons that would send them up to the 20th level of the building where, according to his map, was the where the central computer resided. The elevator rose swiftly, and

Falken unconsciously rested his hand on the hilt of his sword as the doors of the elevator sprang open, revealing what was undeniably the executive floor of the building. It was lined with ferns and art works tastefully located at intervals, that Rai noted would provide good cover should things come to a fire fight.

Rai and Falken came to their destination, a metal door with a security guard in front of it. "ID tags please?" He asked. They flashed the identification they’d stolen from the executives. The guard checked his database, then opened the door.

"Very good, walk on through" he said.

The duo entered a room devoid of objects, obviously a secure area with two green-gel panels on either side of the wall, where Rai and Falken placed the left and right hand of either executive into the panels and entered the server room for the central computer of the building. Rai plugged one of his data utilities into the server and immediately located and copied K231903-6 onto it. They quickly stole out and back into the secure room and had just opened the door when what sounded like an alarm siren began to scream its head off. Falken swore violently as the doors began to close behind them..

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Aug 15, 2007

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Sep 3, 2007

The red-haired woman negotiated the labyrinthine warren of passageways in the bowels of Radcliffe’s headquarters. After carefully looking both ways down the passageway, she walked into a long-forgotten room, locking the door behind her. She suddenly began to talk, as if to herself, but the look in her eyes was far-off, as though she was seeing something hidden to all others.

"How did you know they didn’t belong? And about the illusionist?" She demanded. "And who are they?" While none could hear the answer, it appeared to frustrate her. She began to pace.

"You don’t know? Then how are we to trust them? Even if they do have useful powers..." She began to rant and rave. Somewhere, a shadowed man smiled slightly at her confusion...

Rai, crouching behind one of the many sculptures close to the back wall of the executives’ room, surveyed the chamber again, in more detail than he had before. Around the room lay the corpses of the few security guards that had been up this high. There was, of course, the elevator, above which currently flashed an ‘out of order’ sign, with the actual lift cabin apparently situated just below ground floor. The roof was made of huge, thick glass panes held together by a steel frame.

"So what happens now?" Hissed Falken from behind a nearby fern.

"We wait t’see what they’re gonna do. We got our plan of escape. It’s their move." The illusionist whispered back. "For th’ moment, I’ll leave the disguises up – it’s possible they ain’t actually seen through ‘em, just got wind’ve my hackin’ job. There’s no cameras up here, as y’can see." He motioned.

Silence. The room was filled with it. It remained so for another few minutes before the doors from the nearby stairways, relics from an earlier time, began to open.

The bespectacled lady was walking back from her bizarre rendezvous. Her pulse hammered, far too fast, driving its rhythmic beating into her brain. She passed several people, managing to smile and nod as she usually did. As they walked away chatting, having paid no heed whatsoever to her, she stopped dead in her tracks, a look of intense fear crossing her face ever so briefly.

"A spy from Salazar? Really? Do you think it’s connected to that deal that went wrong? What are they..." Was the last she heard before they turned the corner into another passageway. She cursed under her breath before moving towards the door that would take her home. It was getting late, after all. Nobody would notice her signing out... Or so she hoped.

"Alright, spy, we know you’re in here! You might as well just give yourself up!" Yelled one of the many security staff that had just walked out of the stairwell. Rai cast an ironic look at Falken, who held his handgun at the ready, and stood up, his hands in the air. The guards gasped – this was not the man they were expecting.

"But..." The leader of the guards had time to blurt before his head exploded in a shower of gore. Rai was suddenly no longer where he had seemed to be as a pair of knives buried themselves in the chests of two more guards. He flew over, somersaulting midair as he retrieved the knives, used them both to decapitate a third guard, then bounced into the air and ‘disappeared’ in their sight as another man fell to the biker’s gun. Still in midair, the winged man signalled the swordsman to implement the plan as he dropped something small and round into the midst of their adversaries. Falken turned his face from his adversaries and ran around the walls of the room as a blinding flash brought his shadow into sharp relief against the wall. The last thing he saw as he melted his way through the elevator doors was shattered glass and twisted steel falling from the roof in the centre of the room. Then he was gone, pushing his white-hot hand into the wall of the elevator shaft and letting himself swiftly but gently slide down its length until he could open the doors of the elevator on ground floor from the inside, standing on top of the defunct cabin. Dusting off his suit and hiding as best he could the sleeve that had burned away in his descent, he walked his way innocently from the building before shedding the executive gear, putting on his coat and gunning the powerful engine of his bike, speeding downtown towards the place they’d agreed to hole up in for the night before their appointment the next morning.

Rai flew once again over the ‘great’ blighted city, leaving behind the shattered glass roof of the industrial high-rise. None saw him bank and swoop down to the deserted building that served as one of his resting-places. He stood on the roof, watching the otherworldly red lightning play in the sky. The bitter, cold rain battered his face. He smiled as he saw his newfound companion’s motorbike charging down the road towards him. Stealth was clearly not Falken’s style.

When the biker woke up the next morning, his bleary eyes stared around the room until they saw the hacker at a small computer he’d set up in the corner of the crumbling room. A look of horror crossed his face, but passed, replaced by an odd, slightly maniac grin.

"Well, c’mon, we gotta get a move on if we’re gonna meet th’ lady at this Nexus place. D’ya know where it is?" He questioned

"Yeah. It’s close to the middle of town. We can get there in fifteen minutes. Which gives us plenty of time." The swordsman said sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

"Fair ‘nuff. I s’pose we oughtta show, ‘case this vid-link character of hers can track us down." Rai tapped a few more keys then removed a smaller data utility from the device.

"This oughtta suffice…" At that moment, the news flashed onto the screen of Rai’s computer. He turned it around to show Falken a picture of the boardroom they’d sacked, along with an obviously flustered higher-up in the company stating that ‘certain important documents’ had been stolen, by two men he’d never have suspected of treachery and who’d never shown any signs of mutation before. Pictures of the two executives whose identities the pair had stolen were shown. Evidently, the bodies had not been found. The nature of the data was never revealed. The weather came on.

"Anyway, got anything to eat?" the swordsman asked.

Two hours later, precisely at the allocated time, a man who looked like a computer technician and one who was clearly a middle-rank executive somewhere walked into the Nexus club. They sat at the bar, the tech man abstaining from any drink and the executive taking a strong whiskey. A red-haired woman soon walked up to them, and motioned for them to follow her. They walked into a private room. The lady glared at them.

"The idea was to get the data, not make a huge racket." She said to them.

"Shaddup." Falken snapped. "We got your data. He’ll give it to you soon as you tell us your information."

"How do I know I can trust you?" The spectacled one asked logically.

"Y’don’t. Y’ll just hafta." Rai stated. "We’re th’ ones with th’ goods ‘ere. And y’know it’d be daft t’try anythin’ violent in this club."

The woman sighed

"Alright. Radcliffe. Tristan Radcliffe..." She told the pair everything they already knew about the businessman. Seeing their sceptical looks, she sighed.

"OK, OK. Near the end of his life, Radcliffe became somewhat morbidly interested in the mutation that had begun to spring from The War. He ordered machines made that would turn ordinary humans into mutants. He had himself tattooed with dyes that he believed would begin the process of mutation in him. This, contrary to popular belief, is the last known picture of the man." The redhead showed the pair a photograph identical to the one they’d taken from the street gang. The disguised winged man raised one eyebrow.

"Hmm… I guess that’s prolly worth it. D’ya know where he carried these experiments out?"

"No, I wasn’t that high in his trust, I’m afraid. It shouldn’t be hard to find, though. The techniques he used weren’t exactly subtle."

"A’right then. I get’ch’r meaning. Here, I guess this’un’s yours." Rai tossed over the small data device. The woman brightened visibly.

"Thank you. It wouldn’t have looked right if I’d done it myself." The woman beamed with this somewhat cryptic statement, and gave the pair a card before leaving, claiming her name to be ‘Carmen Imlach’, a middle-ranking higher-up in the Radcliffe Corporation, along with several contact details. After a quick scan, Rai, ever cautious, backed the information up, but left the card itself in a bin, lest it contain some form of tracking device.

"And now, we’d better get a move on. If you go back t’my hole-up, I’ll try to get th’ location of this lab. I’ll also deliver a coupla weapon designs I... Liberated from Radcliffe t’a friend’ve mine. They might be useful. C’mon, move now, quickly, ‘fore they come back with some difficult questions."

"Difficult questions?" The gunsman inquired.

"What, y’thought I’d give ‘em real data?" The winged man sounded shocked.

"You… Didn’t?" The biker cursed, but moved to the door.

Back at his crumbling base of operations, Rai told his companion the news he’d gleaned, of an unusual radiation a few kilometres from the city. That night saw a biker and a man with wings heading south out of the City, towards, they hoped, some form of a clue..

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Dec 4, 2008

The sprawling, twisted expanse that is The City, now a shrinking mass in Falken’s rearview mirror, had been replaced by a series of canyons and valleys, marred by the burnt-out wrecks of vehicles from times past, those already fallen prey to the hordes of bandits and thugs that seemed to plague the world’s infrastructure.

The lone rider slowed his pace as seemingly from nowhere, a winged man came in to fly beside the traveler “Trouble ahead, we got ourselves a firefight hapnin’ and yeh ridin’ right inta it”. The biker smirked, “Of course there is, have you ever traveled outside the city flyin’ man? We’re headin’ into Tombstone Valley, the central hangout for bandit groups in the South”. At the biker’s words, a slightly annoyed expression flickered across Rai’s face, before regaining its usual emotionless gaze “Accordin’ t’ m’data there’s a place by the name o’ the Terminal not too far ahead, y’wan’ stop there?” Falken’s eyes flashed, “Oh I intend to” he smirked again, and Rai ascended back up into the sky.

As the road snaked its way into the valley, a massive dust cloud lay in Falken’s path, and from its midst a berserk laugh could be heard “Woo-hah-hah-ha-ha eat this!” The deep voice yelled. Falken skidded his bike sideways and stopped, mid-road. A gunmetal grey van, with heavy armour plating and automated minigun turrets was firing upon a blockade of assorted trikes, motorcycles and jeeps loaded to the hilt with tattooed, pierced road-punks with a variety of weapons returning fire.

Beside the van, a shoulder-mounted pulse cannon lay discarded. Falken’s eyes narrowed, as the source of the laugh was revealed, a giant bald, bearded man with a cigar clenched between his teeth slammed a gloved fist, that seemed to have some form of corona enveloping it, into the hood of one of the jeeps, whilst firing bursts from an Uzi held in his left hand.

The dust clearing, the remaining bandits fled for their lives, as the crazy giant fired bursts of uzi-fire after them. The big man holstered his Uzi and approached Falken “Wooh! If it aint the ice-man hisself! Falky I thought you were dead!” Falken dismounted his bike, his hand resting on his hip “Fenix. It’s you. And here I was thinking I’d never see you again”. Fenix laughed “What kinda greeting is that to an old buddy like me? And what’s with bird-boy up there not coming down to join us?” Upon hearing those words, Rai swooped down to land beside Falken. “M’name’s Rai, ‘n who ‘re you?” Rai seemed slightly bewildered that someone other than Falken could see him “the name’s Fenix Murdock, I used to be a part of Falken’s squad, before we were disbanded at the end of the war, two years ago…most just call me Nick”. Falken chose to ignore Nick’s revelations on his past and re-mounted his bike “C’mon lets get to the Terminal before sunset, we can finish our conversation there”. Falken gunned his bike, while Rai took off and Nick followed in his van.

The Terminal stood three storeys tall, it stood out in sharp contrast to the surrounding wasteland. Guests stay on the upper two floors, while the bottom floor was largely a tavern, which most of the denizens of the Valley frequented. Inside, Falken, Rai and Nick were seated in a darkened corner away from the general populace, even so, anyone who looked their way seemed not to notice them, especially Rai. If Nick noticed, he chose not to comment as they discussed their plans. “So y’sayin this Radcliffe guy is the one who used to run the laboratory to the south?” Falken leaned in “Whaddaya mean used to?” he questioned. “Well it’s just ruins now, has been in the months I been down here” “So y’know th’ place?” Rai chipped in. “Know it? I know it better’n the back of me hand! I mapped the place out, while trailin’ Bandits while on the job ‘round here.” Nick sat back “’n frankly I’m bored with this joint, ‘n since my old mate Falk here has a knack o’ finding interesting things to do, I may as well travel to the facility with y’ as a guide of sorts and a bit of backup if y’need it”. At this, Rai looked over at Falken, who shrugged in response. “Looks like y’r in, we’ll set out t’morra”

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