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Apocalypse Revisited Splinter
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Splintered Paths: 2
Total Posts: 14
Longest Path: 12 Posts
Views: 573
Created On: Dec 14, 2006 21:06
Last Post: Aug 21, 2012 13:08
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Views Per Post: 40.92
6 Authors
  2 of which wrote 64% of the Posts

In the distant future, after a war which many thought would be the end of all life, humanity survives in isolated cities scattered throughout the world. The largest of these cities is under constant strife by rival factions, vying for power. Falken, a lone biker, has become caught in the struggle...

Genres: Action, Futuristic, Science Fiction
Comments: 50
Last Commented: Jun 9, 2009 19:26
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