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draggy1234, Aug 4, 2007 18:42


If the title or the introductory post didn't make it obvious enough, this story is meant to be written as part of the Birthday Contest of '07. If you want to see my reasoning and motives behind creating this and why I think it is key to the contest, please refer to the "Reality's End Classic" section of the forums and look for the thread named "Birthday Challenge of 2007".

Now, the main objective I would like to see achieved is that this story will be developed and completed by Sept. 2, which is the deadline for the birthday. Four weeks isn't a long time, which makes the contributing help from any other author here all the more essential and appreciated. The plot should be fairly linear; it revolves around a BD tournament, and I intend for the story to reflect how the tournaments that are periodically held on BD play out. Much is still open for other authors to develop, such as descriptions of other competitors, the number of competitors in the tournament, and even the battle structure of the tournament (Roundrobin or Elimination).

I'm not setting my expectations for this to be an epic story. I'm setting them for this to be a good story that we, as RE members, helped to create as a team. Thus, I wouldn't worry about making additional posts overly long. Just make them substantial enough to advance the story. If you really want a guideline, I would recommend aiming towards writing one full Word document page on normal font (and the first post is actually a little shorter than that).

Well, that's it for my intro. Hope you have fun writing for this! ^_^Arrow Reply

Battalon127, Aug 5, 2007 02:29

Re: Objectives

A little shorter indeed. I think your comment was almost as long as your first post. However, setting the expectations low is a good idea. I've got no problem plunging right into this one. Expect a post from me tomorrow.

Edit- Huh, I could've sworn I posted this from my BD account...Arrow Reply

Blade, Aug 5, 2007 07:50

Re: Re: Objectives

Sorry Batt, I Ninja'd you on that and what a short post I ninja'd you with. But, if the spark is there light the fire! For pete's sake light it! ...And that's what I did.

CheersArrow Reply

MintMan, Aug 5, 2007 10:42

BD Account

You don't post things from your BD account; that just determines which user name and password you use.

If you have a master account, that is what will always be displayed.Arrow Reply

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