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Blade, Aug 10, 2007 07:42

Where to go now?

So, who wants to do the next post? I'm not exactly full of ideas right now..or creativeness? throw some ideas in people..and some new authors.. >.<Arrow Reply

Battalon127, Aug 10, 2007 23:54

Re: Where to go now?

Well, it's a fight scene, so I suppose it's a chance to look at the fighting styles and mentalities of the introduced characters so far. And to throw out some random extras. Who's for combing the BD Roster for some poorly-rated low-levels to cameo? I'll put something up in a couple of days, if no one new steps up. (C'mon kids, it's a good time to introduce a new character or two. Plus I'll give you candy. Sweet, sweet candy.)Arrow Reply

Zedd, Aug 12, 2007 00:33


I'm thinking about adding, 'soon as I think up a decent character. And maybe it'd be good to introduce not only poorly-rated monsters for people to bust, but also a few bigger critters to fill up places...Arrow Reply

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