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Battalon127, Aug 5, 2007 13:39


Hmm, perhaps there could be a preliminary all-out brawl amongst the competitors, as a way of establishing ranking and a chance to scope out the competition. As for individual battles, if you're worried that bickering will occur between the authors, then perhaps it would be a good idea for the authors in question to plan out the battle and decide together what the outcome will be, provided we decide that the battle itself be written exclusively by the authors whose characters are involved.Arrow Reply

Blade, Aug 6, 2007 02:21

Re: Battles

did you even read my addition batt? It says that around hmmm.., the last line! And that's what I was thinking, (eg maybe introduce some sort of..(NPC?) characters for ours to bash.. and I'm sure the planning thing will work out too... some more authors better start writing soon if we want to get anywhere with this story by September 2. Damn these things seem to take a lot of time. Arrow Reply

Battalon127, Aug 6, 2007 11:37

Re: Re: Battles

Yeah. Your comment is exactly why I said anything. You weren't real specific, initially, so I posted my reactions/ideas in hopes you (or anyone else) would expand on the idea. And it seemed to work, too. Wadduya know?

I think introduction of additional characters isn't a bad thing. Depending on how much authorship interest this generates, it'll probably be necessary. NPC probably isn't the right term since, well, all characters are playable, but having less-developed characters to waste through will probably be necessary, in order to allow our main characters to develop better.Arrow Reply

draggy1234, Aug 6, 2007 15:00

Re: Re: Re: Battles

* worries about whether this comment belongs more in the Author Channel than here *

I personally am not too concerned about the writing of the actual battles between the main characters. In my view, the active authors here write equitably enough. If concern does come up though...well I guess that's what these comments are for. :D

Just as long as the battles are written decently well and not obviously one-sided (at least for those between the main characters), I'm OK.

EDIT: I have one issue, though. If we decide that the main character battles are going to be exclusively written by the authors in question, I'd still like to keep the IAS spirit of writing present (i.e. writing the battle from both sides, and not just writing for one combatant at a time, as might happen in a RP).Arrow Reply

Battalon127, Aug 6, 2007 15:58

Re: Re: Re: Re: Battles

I guess the way I pictured it, the two authors in question discuss to decide anything major (who wins, any serious injuries, etc.), but both authors would be able to write the actual action. Meanwhile anyone else would be encouraged to write whatever else is happening. Alternately, we could just hold discussions in the Author Channel concerning any major match-ups and decide as a whole who will win and leave the fight itself to everyone. I guess it depends on how attached everyone is to their IPs.Arrow Reply

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