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Hey, there are a lot of mythologies with even more monsters in the world. One could not possibly hope to catalog them all let alone make several pictures for them as to put them into Battling Dragons. However, I can try and put a dent in it.
It would make even more sense, however, if others helped in the task. That is right. You, the loyal/spiteful/indifferent/odd smelling/bored viewer can aid in completing the bestiary. If you think you can draw well enough (and I agree that you can as well) then send over your drawings of mythological and legendary creatures. Any region or myth will do.

Enough banter. Here are the restrictions for making your own monster.

  • The creature must have some basis in mythology, folklore, or legend.
    This means that you cannot simply make up monsters nor can you make up things about already existing ones.
  • The creature must be animal-like or in some other way bestial; anything humanoid in shape is unacceptable.
    This means Minotaurs, Werewolves, and Centaurs are out, but something like the Manticore, with only a human face, would be acceptable.
  • The quality must be at least near that of the other submitted pictures. If the style is too different from the rest of the pictures, too, it may be rejected.
    This means poor drawing , coloring, or scanning ability will result in instant rejection; compare your work with the (Most Recently Accepted Work).
  • Knowledge of the submitted creature is a must. If you do not know enough about a creature to give it suitable spells, it will be rejected.
    This means you should know enough about the creature in order to give it all necessary spells, each of which relates to something from its particular legend.
  • Hand-drawn and scanned pictures are prefered. Use of a graphic editting program to enhance a scanned picture is perfectly acceptable; however, any picture made entirely using graphical software or that over-uses visual effects may be refused due to its contrast to the rest of the hand-drawn BD images. Use of photographs in any part is unacceptable.
  • Some knowledge into Battling Dragons is recommended as is knowledge of the monster you are trying to make.
  • The actual images must be 145 pixels by 145 pixels in size. Sample artwork may be of any size.
  • If the monster you wish to make already appears in the bestiary or elsewhere on this site, please do not try to mimic the style I used in making the creature such as coloration and other characteristics not explicitly specified in texts.
Remember, I need people to draw creatures for me, not send over their ideas. I have enough ideas -- just no time to draw them out. If you think that you might want to make a creature for Battling Dragons, send a sample drawing to If it is approved, then we can talk about the rest of the fun steps towards getting it into BD. I have constructed a guide on making BD monsters which may be worth checking out.

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