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Returning from the ashes of yesteryear is the Battling Dragons: Role Playing Game! This is the thing that started NDR from all the way back in last July. It was the first part of version four created, and it has taken me this long to get around to releasing it. Not having a scanner helped direct my attentions...

For those of you who do not remember (or were not around), this is just a sample. Ask me how to continue playing or when it will be finished and I shall verbally assault you bitterly. The game is now past its prior prime of being completely execution ready -- now both on-line and in off-line creation tools; however, that still doesn't ease the fact that I actually have to write all of the scenery. That is what takes the bulk of time and truthfully, all that needs to be done to have a fully playable adventure.

Battling Dragons RPG
Here are the known issues and changes:
  • NDR2 Functionality, including skills! (4/5/08)
  • Defeating enemies no longer gives experience. Fighting only yields training in spells. Experience now uses an old system of mine called "packet experience", which is sort of D&D like; you only get experience in lump sums after completing some task (none of which are in the playable version yet, of course).
  • Training amounts when fighting enemies of the same level for periods of time will slowly decrease until no training is gained at all. Amounts will not increase until enemies of a higher level are fought.
  • Equipment adds new techniques to a character's list.
  • Skills -- which were originally made to be exclusive to the RPG -- are not coded yet.
  • A new Slot command exists in order to fill up your character's and creature's grid. Select the tech to slot from the list and then simply click the bar and level to slot it into. Grids must be built up from the lowest level to highest. Because of this, in the RPG, you have the ability to slot techniques above level one without have a spell in the highest slot. These slots recharge at half the rate, however.
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