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PronunciationPE - LOO - DAH
Latin TextNone
In Myth:
The Peluda was a sort of dragon that terrorized the French countryside. It is described as having a snake's head, neck, and tail, and the feet of a tortoise. Its body was covered in quills or tendrils tipped in deadly stingers that could stand on end, giving it the name La Velue, the shaggy beast.Egg
The Peluda is often called a porcupine dragon. It is consistently colored green. Its namesake spines can be launched from its body like arrows, as is often misattributed to an actual porcupine. The Peluda can also flood a river by stepping into it. A stroke from the Peluda's tail could cause death. Peluda could also spew a searing breath that withered crops, a jet of water, or a sticky, corrosive acid.
Legend states that Peluda was not granted admission onto Noah's Ark. It survived the ensuing flood by hiding in a cave near the Huisine River and waiting out the storm. The Peluda was finally killed when its tail -- the only vulnerable part of the beast -- was cut off.
By some accounts, the Peluda is one of the Tarasque's parents (along with Leviathan, Onachus, and Bonnacon). This is most likely due to their shared trait of external coverings.
The name of Peluda means "shaggy." In fact, its name exactly matches the Portoguese word for "hairy."

StrengthDefense and Attack
WeaknessSlow and Immobile
AddedSeptember 27, 2006
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