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AlternateAl-Miraj, Al-Mi'raj
PronunciationMIH RAHJ
OriginMiddle Eastern
Latin TextNone
In Myth:
On an unnamed, mysterious island somewhere in the Indian Ocean, there lives a yellow rabbit with a single, black, spiraling horn protruding from its head called the Miraj. Despite its docile appearance and smaller stature (although said to be larger than others of its family), this animal was described as most ferocious and viciously carnivorous.Al Miraj
Whenever the Miraj approached, other animals would flee, but all in vain. Using the speed innate to rabbitkind, it could chase down animals as fast as the antelope. The Miraj was able to take down prey many times its own size and -- more surprisingly -- devour it whole. It was said that the Miraj was capable of consuming anything.
Because the al-Mi'raj shares its name with an Islamic Prophet, it often appears in Muslim poetry. Needless to say, it is more often depicted as cheerful than voracious.

StrengthPhysical Attack
WeaknessPoor Magic Capabilities
AddedJune 28th, 2004
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